VALORANT: LOUD Plans to Enter the Women’s Scene in 2023

After dominating the male valorant this year, loud is interested in entering the female game scene from 2023 onwards. But it still hasn’t hit the hammer in relation to the investment in the modality.

Internally, loud believes that this is the ideal time to enter the modality, given the various options available on the market. but the team’s desire is to assemble the women’s line-up in a similar way as it did in the men’s, when sacy and saadhak led the choices of players and coaching staff.

Loud has already talked to several players to understand the contractual, financial and perspective situation. one of them was tayhuhu, released by b4 to hear proposals from other teams, which is a strong name to be responsible for assembling the cast.

This, it is worth mentioning, if loud really takes the interest of investing in the female scenario of the game forward. the enemy also found that, despite the surveys and initial conversations, the organization did not make an official proposal for any player until the publication of this report.

In contact with the enemy, pro players and other influential members of the female valorant community – who preferred not to expose their identities – opined that loud seems to be moving more slowly than other organizations that are already inserted or intend to insert themselves in the modality.

This slowness on the part of loud goes against the uncertainty about the calendar and other details of the next season of the female scenario of valorant, which have not yet been made official by riot games. if it follows the line of recent years, the tournaments should start in february 2023. The enemy contacted loud to ask for a position on entering the female competitive scene of valorant, but the organization chose not to speak out.

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