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The Mother Nature and humankind have designed numerous wonders on earth. Among the numerous wonders some are mysterious due to its location, it’s built, its nature or its history. The travelers wander from one place to another for adventure and at times even discover weird and creepy things about the place. Earth is a planet that would never stop surprising you with its unique natural peculiarities at some corner of and across the world. Some of such places are served as busy tourist destinations and some are not that easy to reach as they have challenging routes.

Here is the list of the most mysterious places on earth:

  1. The Bermuda Triangle: The existence of this place has led to many controversies and is believed to be the most renowned mysterious place on earth. It exists in the Atlantic Ocean and is a triangular geographical area, composed by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. The studies show that ships, submarines and even planes have all disappeared within this triangle. The weird part is that there remain no explanations for such happenings.

Bermuda Triangle

  1. Roswell: This place is located in New Mexico and is known for the fact that UFO had crashed at this site. Also, it is popular because the bodies of alien along with alien technology were recovered from this site. Furthermore, the military operation in the Area-51 of Roswell has made this place more mysterious.


  1. Nazca Lines: Located in the heart of Nazca desert in Peru, it is a composition of some vast and strange designs on the surface of the desert created by the ancient civilization. The designs are really huge in size and could be viewed properly from the air. The patterns of the design are of animal or some geometric shapes and sometimes they are just straight lines. The mysterious thing about this place is that the source of its origin is not known.

Nazca Lines

  1. Winchester Mystery House: This mysterious house was built by Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Wirt Winchester. It is said that Sarah didn’t want to stop the construction process of the mansion because she was scared of the spirits of those who died by Winchester’s gun would chase her. This is the reason why she didn’t stop her construction process and had built the mansion without giving any proper shape and structure to it. It doesn’t have staircases and you would even find several unnecessary additions.

Winchester Mystery House

  1. McMurdo: Nature has created this mystery which is located in Antarctica. It is a place where there is a collection of geysers from where red water that is rich in iron oxide gushes out. The other factor that makes it one of the most mysterious places on earth is its geographical location.


  1. Kalkajaka: It is an Australian Black mountain which is not actually black in color. It is made of grey rocks and blue-green in color. Resultantly, it gives a strange black appearance to the mountain. The passages in the mountain are quite mystifying and give an underworld feel. Inside you would also hear some weird noises and the magnetic interruption in the air makes the atmosphere creepier.


So, the above facts about the most mysterious places on earth are enough to give you chills tonight. They are weird and creepy but the fact remains unchanged that it is nature’s creation.

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