The Witcher: Geralt Destroys an NPC’s Life When Trying To Help Her

The passage through Orchard Branco, the first region of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is marked, among other events, by the encounter with a young woman on the verge of death named Lena. Geralt meets her through the florist Tomira, who takes care of the woman in what could be her last days.

Little is known about Lena’s past when players first meet her. The most relevant fact mentioned in the game is that she was attacked by the griffin that Geralt chases during the first hour of gameplay. After this attack, Lena was taken to bed in Tomira’s house, which she did not leave for a long time.

When Geralt meets Lena, players have the chance to create the Swallow Potion to try and cure her. However, witcher potions tend to only work on witchers. In normal humans, the same potions that make Geralt stronger, for example, can lead to death or worse, as Lena discovers. If the players ignore Lena, she dies after a few hours of gameplay and Tomira mourns the sad end of the person she had been caring for.

On the other hand, if Geralt gives such a potion to Lena, she survives. However, it’s not like she’s really recovered.After giving Lena the potion, should Geralt return to Tomira, players will be informed that Nilfgaard soldiers have taken her away. Later, when passing through the Central Nilfgaardian Army Camp in Velen, Geralt is stopped by a Nilfgaard soldier who informs him of Lena’s condition after taking the potion.

On the one hand, the Nilfgaardian seems grateful for the fact that Geralt saved Lena’s life. On the other hand, the same soldier claims not to know if his girlfriend really regained consciousness. He says he doesn’t really know whether to thank or curse Geralt for what happened to Lena, who seems to have lost all sense of who she is or even that she’s even alive.Geralt can be surprisingly compassionate and selfless at times. However, in Lena’s case, it’s hard to say whether it was better to let the woman die or not. In the end, it’s like she’s dead and beyond recovery.

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