What Industries are taking Advantage of Toll-Free Numbers?


Toll-free number service is cloud-based contact numbers used by businesses that allow customers to contact the business without paying anything. The cost of customer calls is bared by the business which makes the calls free. This is why the solution is also known as free phone or free call numbers. Toll-free service often starts with a specific prefix based on the codes of geographical locations. In India, the toll-free number service often starts with the 1800 prefix.

Industries Taking Advantage of Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free number service is used by different industries. It is used by small businesses, startups, and also large size businesses. A toll-free service provider assists a business to choose the features and also guides in using the solution in the best way. Toll-free service is used by private industries as well as Government departments to offer services and solutions. Some of the industries and major uses of the solution are-

  1. Marketing and Advertising industry: Toll-free numbers help the marketing and advertising industry to make brands easy to remember and associate with. It helps in creating a lead generation that strengthens the potential customer base. It often results to generate higher sales and boosts business growth. Toll-free numbers are strong tools to track individual campaigns and make them more effective. Toll-free numbers help a business to be visible through television, print, billboard, social media, etc. which establishes branding.
  2. Health industry: The healthcare industry is taking good advantage of toll-free services. It caters to the needs of every health emergency that can be big or small but needs immediate medical intervention. It also helps in other healthcare services that include appointment booking, tests, follow-up, etc.  It is interesting to note that ambulance services were the first service to implement toll-free number service. Toll-free numbers can be used to book multiple appointments simultaneously on the same number. It reduces the long wait queue in hospitals and ensures confirmed booking for all services. The toll-free service provider can help the healthcare industry by offering integrated CRM platforms. It can be used to efficiently manage patients. It can be used to record and maintain a patient’s history and offer immediate services based on it or in case of an emergency.
  3. Retail and e-commerce: Toll-free numbers are popularly used by the retail and e-commerce industry. It offers quality service in resolving customer service issues and inquiries immediately.  Customers can call on the toll-free number as many times as they need to find answers to questions about a product or service. Easy access, effortless communication, and instant response enhance customer satisfaction. This also results in higher sales along with customer retention. A toll-free service provider can help the business with an efficient IVR menu that further helps in business growth. It increases sales with more customer engagement time.
  1. Entertainment industry: Toll-free numbers are widely used in the entertainment industry. It is used for online polling or voting that increases customer engagement and generates more revenue. Many reality shows use online voting to increase viewers. Online voting is part of reality shows, and games, to select winners of TV show contests, etc. Each participant is assigned numbers that can be used to call for voting. It helps the entertainment industry to make shows popular.
  2. Travel and tourism industry: The travel and tourism industry is a large-scale industry that includes fooding, lodging, traveling, sightseeing, etc. It is an industry with big and small industries alike. Toll-free numbers in this industry are used by private as well as Government departments. It uses international toll-free numbers, domestic as well as Universal International Free Number (UIFN) to make travel safe and comfortable for all customers. It helps in easy and transparent information dissemination with security and privacy. The travel and tourism industry also caters to different fields like medical tourism, recreation, work-related, etc. It helps the customers to receive the best services without any trouble. Toll-free numbers help the industry raise marketing ROI while building credibility. It also improves global as well as national customer care efforts.
  1. Banking and finance industry: Toll-free numbers are used by the banking and finance industry to make the economic transaction easier. It helps financial businesses to offer valuable customer service with uninterrupted communication with security. The solution helps to keep the customers updated with notifications on payments, transactions, etc.

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