Mywifiext: Using Netgear Extenders To Boost Your Wi-Fi Range offers the finest solutions to boost your Wi-Fi bandwidth. So, why settle for sub optimal signal quality when you can ensure that every nook and cranny of your workplace or home will have a continuous and an uninterrupted connection?

With a simple extender setup, you can ensure a considerable increase in your Wi-Fi range, allowing you to enjoy high definition streaming from anywhere in your house. So, settle for only the best with NetgearWiFi extenders.

Where would you require a Wi-Fi extender?

If you are getting a weak signal from your Wi-Fi router, then there could be three possibilities:

  • Your Wi-Fi router isn’t good.

Your best bet would be to go for a change in the router. Look for routers that are dual-band, which means they can transmit in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz range. Having 802.11ac support is also essential since they support nearly two times the speeds as compared to the traditional 802.11n standard routers. Netgear routers are well-known for their reliability and performance, and thus, are an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a new purchase.

  • Your Wi-Fi router is situated at a suboptimal location.

Walls and other equipment that function wirelessly such as cordless telephones can cause a significant amount of interference in the signal. Placing it in corners of the room or in a small room covered by walls on all sides is often a bad idea. Try to move around the router to a more central location. Play around and see which position gives best results.

  • The signal is unable to reach you due to considerable distance from the point of access and location of the Wi-Fi router.

Perhaps you are forced to leave the router in a particular room since it must be connected to your desktop computer at all times. Several applications are available to test the speed of the connection. In such scenarios, you have no choice but to amplify your signal somehow so that it reaches all corners of the house. A Wi-Fi extender or Wi-Fi booster can help you in this regard.

Mywifiext: Components of a Wi-Fi Extender:


Most range extenders usually feature very similar elements. They are quite close to router or access point.


A Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM) are the staples of any electronic device and form a vital part of its working. They store the firmware of the device, which ensures that it works as designed.


Perhaps the most crucial part of any electronic device, the processor handles all the network traffic and performs the various functions as specified by the firmware. Along with the memory, better performance of these two components is desirable, and you should pay attention to these specifications.


This handles all the wireless communications that occur in the device. Dual band range extenders are quite commonly available and support two frequency bands, 2.4 GHz (which is also used by cordless telephones and other wireless devices for communication) and 5 GHz. A wireless chipset will be present with amplifiers for each frequency range, along with antennas to direct the signal. The size of the antennas and their placement plays a major role in signal strength, and it must be something you must scrutinize in detail.



At least one Ethernet port is going to be present, and in some models, 4 or 6 ports may be present for wired use.


USB ports are quite common since one can use them to stream multimedia using the extenders wireless capabilities. You can also use to send data to printers and for other forms of file sharing. For example, if you want to watch a movie on individual devices, or perhaps on your TV, you can stream it from a flash drive that is connected to the extender.


An on/off switch is present on almost all devices, along with a recessed reset to factory settings button nearby. A Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS is also very common.

Features of Netgear Genie Mywifiext

Netgear genie allows you to handle a wide variety of tasks through a smartphone or tablet, rather than having to log in through a desktop computer.

  • Guest Access: For a temporary duration, you can provide guests access to a router or extender.
  • Easy connection: To bypass the hassle of using passwords and SSIDs, there is also the possibility of generating a QR code on your mobile so that new devices can scan the code to connect to the network.
  • Parental Controls: With the parental controls feature, you can set boundaries for any younger kids that may use the internet. This can help keep your network and child safe.
  • Viewing Client List: If you have suspicions that an unknown device is using your Wi-Fi, then you can use the DHCP client list to see all the connected devices. You can block the appropriate device based on their MAC address and ensure that outsiders cannot access your internet.

Mywifiext: Configuration and Wi-Fi Range Extender Setup:

Netgear extenders are renowned for their ease of configuration. Wi-Fi extender setups are a breeze. Navigation through the Netgear Genie interface is intuitive, allowing you to change settings as and when required.

New Extender Setup

Without WPS:

  1. With help of a wireless device, scan your local network. You will find one of the connections to be named “NETGEAR_EXT.” Connect to this. No need of password.
  2. From the computer used to connect to this network, open a browser. You should automatically be taken to the Smart Wizard. If not type in net.
  3. Select your preferred language and click on Continue.
  4. Netgear genie will search for all existing connection in its range. A list of all available wireless networks will display on the screen.
  5. Choose the wireless network that you would like to extend and then click on Continue.
  6. Enter the password for your network and click on Continue.
  7. A new screen will display, asking you for a Name or SSID. This is basically the name of your New Extender setup. There is also a checkbox present, which will keep the same settings as your existing network. This is recommended since it easier to use and navigate.
  8. Click on Continue when you have finished entering all the details. The Smart Wizard will take approximately 2 minutes to connect to the current network. A dialog box will open when it is done indicating that the name of the network has been changed. Click on OK.
  9. Smart Wizard will display all the wifi extender setup setting details.
  10. To test the network, use a wireless device to connect to the extender’s wireless network.

With WPS:

With Wi-Fi Protected Setup, a wifi range extender setup is a walk in the park.

  1. Click on the WPS button your wireless router.
  2. Within a stipulated time (usually two to three minutes) click on the WPS button your NetgearWiFi Extender.
  3. In a few moments, the connection will establish. The SSID of the extender will be you’re the same as your primary wireless network, with a _EXT appended at the end. So, if your main Wi-Fi network’s SSID is John, then the extender will have an SSID John_EXT.

WiFi Range Extender Setup, after it has been connected to the network and obtained an IP address in the past.

  1. If your extender has an Ethernet port, follow these steps.
    1. Connect to the Netgear extender using a computer via the Ethernet cable.
    2. Log into the interface through from your web browser. A username and password prompt will show up. The default credentials are as follows:

Username: admin

Password: password

Both are case sensitive, so be careful while you type them out.

  1. Now that you have logged in, go to Setup, and choose Wireless Settings on the Netgear Genie
  2. Check the Network key or Password field under Security Options. If the password here isn’t the same one as your main router, then change it so they match.
  3. Click on Apply.
  4. Reconnect your wireless enabled devices to the NetgearWiFi Extender.
  5. If your Netgear WiFi extender does not have an Ethernet port, follow these steps.
  1. Press and hold the Reset to Factory Setting buttons on the side panel for at least 7 seconds. This will ensure that your extender goes back to the default settings.
  2. Follow the New Extender Setup as detailed in the previous section. Once the wifi range extender setup has been followed, you can reconnect your wireless devices to the WiFi Extender.

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