Who is Ciel Phantomhive?

Earl Ciel Phantomhive is the present chief of the Phantomhive family, who is the brain responsible for Funtom Corporation and an Aristocrat of Evil. He is among the most well-known people from the legendary film Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) and is famous for his iconic eyepiece as well as the Faustian Contract enigma on his right eye.

He is frequently described as a smart boy who, despite his age, was responsible for the duties of the Phantomhive family. He also was”the “Queen’s Watchdog” after the tragic murder in his home.

However, even though Ciel is a young man, he is by no not taken lightly by his colleagues.

However, Ciel was never this robust. He was a shy and timid child who was eventually forced to assume the responsibilities of an adult very early.

Let’s take a glance at Ciel Phantomhive and discover what makes this little Head in the Phantomhive family so adorable.


Ciel Phantomhive (or better, his younger sibling “Ciel Phantomhive”) was born to the Countess and Countess Phantomhive of County Rachel Phantomhive on 12 December 1875, a couple of minutes after his twin sister “Ciel Phantomhive.”

They were identical twins and were so alike that they could duplicate the appearance of one another. At the age of five, the younger Ciel was diagnosed with asthma. Because of his health issues was unable to join his brother or parents on excursions or out with other children.

Due to this, Ciel was not able to interact with anyone at the beginning and was extremely shy around people who were not familiar with him. He would always remain behind his father when encountering someone for the first encounter. Because there were twins identical to each other, no one could tell the difference between them.

However, the young Ciel did not feel lonely as his sibling “Ciel” always was by his side and would play with his brother. It led to a situation when “Ciel” when finding out that his brother, Ciel had plans to start a shop for toys in London, and the older brother was able to throw a massive anger at his parents, where the boy refused to assume his role as Head of being the Head of Phantomhive household as its leader since he didn’t want to let his younger brother go. To calm down after their mother, Rachel explained that she was able to aid his younger brother as an administrator of the household and could not be separated from his brother.


But, Ciel’s health gradually improved throughout the years, and he began going outdoors more often with his parents. But at the age of 10, there was a tragic incident.

Ciel, as well as “Ciel,” were exhilarated that on their 10th birthdays, they didn’t have to learn any lessons and could have the entire day free. The twins had to stay in their room until 6 o’clock until the celebrations were completed.

However, the 6 o’clock hour was gone, and no one showed up, so the Twins set out to look for their parents. Ciel discovered the corpse of her mother. At the moment Tanaka, the twins’ Butler, demanded Ciel to get away and escape, they were slapped, and a shadowy figure snatched Ciel.


At the old age of 10, Ciel and his twin brother “Ciel” were both sold to Kelvin, who was a prominent Baron who was shocked by Ciel when he saw the twins at a birthday gathering a while ago.

He purchased the twins and gave them nice treatment. He washed them, fed them, and made them ready for a celebration. The Baron led the prisoners to a cathedral, where they were marked with The mark of the beast and tortured.

Then, just a few days prior to Advent, the religious cultist conducted the ritual of summoning the demon “Ciel,” the older brother, who was placed on an altar and sacrificed to summon an evil demon.


In the blood of the now deceased “Ciel Phantomhive,” a demon rose. Instead of signing a deal with the cultist, he decided to choose the boy Ciel locked in a cage and signed an agreement with him for his soul.

Ciel has named their demon Sebastian after their pet Sebastian who also passed away during the massacre at Phantomhive Manor. Ciel, the younger Ciel, later assumed the persona of his older brother and was named The Ciel Phantomhive.


After the incident with the group, Ciel headed over to his aunt, Angelina Dalles, at Royal London Hospital with the Demon Sebastian Michaelis, where he also got to meet the legendary Tanaka.

The aunt was shocked and delighted to find Ciel alive. She even decided not to ask questions about the boy, should he choose to keep secret what occurred to him and his brother.

Ciel, after a bit of recovery after a short recovery, went to his home at the Phantomhive Manor and found out that the attackers had burned through the Manor after killing his family, and the staff members in the Phantomhive Manor had also died, with the exception of Tanaka.

When Ciel was grieving over his parents’ grave, Sebastian left him alone for a short time and made an exact model that resembles The Phantomhive Manor using his demon abilities.

Later, Ciel took on his duties as the Earl Ciel Phantomhive, performing his family’s obligations as the “Queen’s watchdog,” and a year later, he founded the Funtom Corporation, fulfilling his childhood goal of opening a toy store in London.

However, Ciel Phantomhive is not the actual name of the present Ciel. The real name of Ciel is not well-known because he assumed an identity that resembled his elder brother and lived in the form of Ciel Phantomhive. To date, no one has been able to identify his true identity until the actual “Ciel Phantomhive” came back as a Bizarre Doll and was backed by the famous Grim Reaper’s Undertaker. It will be interesting to see how Ciel grows from this point; however, one thing is certain it’s more than interesting, at the very least.

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