Ways You Can Help the Youth Realize Their Potential

The youth shape a country’s future, and the best thing you can do to help them realize their potential is to grow their prospects. Mentoring the youth in your community goes a long way in breaking the intergenerational transmission of ignorance and poverty, making them a major boon for a country’s economy.

Many youths face a hostile and difficult society with little or no innovative and effective action to support them. But your efforts as an individual can go a long way in transforming the life of a youth. Here is how you can help the youth realize their potential.

Mentor a youth

Mentoring is an effective way to nurture young people to realize their innate potential and grow their confidence. You can look into a local mentoring program or join online youth support programs to become a member of an international mentoring movement. Even if you are a university student, you can help those younger than you or fellow youths develop their confidence.

Participate in youth charity

There are so many youth advocacy programs you can support via donations if you are not in a position to provide mentorship. A youth charity is an organization or vision that ensures that all the young people, especially the less privileged ones, are well equipped and empowered to thrive and contribute to every stage in their lives.

Look for a proactive youth charity focused on driving the youth agenda to transform their lives for the better and donate. Such charities are instrumental in improving young people’s educational, social, and emotional outcomes.

Support the young people to navigate their way in education

One of the biggest determinants of a person’s success is their educational attainment. According to research getting a tertiary degree can pull a whole family out of poverty. However, the challenging part is navigating through the complex education system.

There are many ways you can support young people to stay in school, like donating spare computers and tablets to the less privileged. Access to information transforms a person’s mindset. You can also help a young person understand the impact of their career choices or transition smoothly from school into work.

Create chances for youth to gain work experience

The youth face many challenges when transitioning from school to employment due to a lack of work experience. Studies suggest that the chances of getting employment increase as one ages, with those between 19-25years being more likely to be unemployed.

In most countries, young people are stepping out of school to a land of no opportunities. If you can provide or create an opportunity for a young person to gain work experience, you can open up a path to realize their potential.

Crowd fund to help more youth access the latest tech in classrooms

There is a big difference between schools regarding access to technology in the classrooms. A can donate to a range of youth projects or develop crowdfunding platforms to help young people access the latest tech in classrooms since the future is digital.

Final thoughts

These are some of the many ways you can engage youth to help them realize their potential.

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