Randeep Hooda-Lin Laishram Wedding

Actor Randeep Hooda got married to his long time girlfriend Lin Laishram on Wednesday. Randeep has started a new innings of his new life with Lynn in Imphal, Manipur. During this time, the Murder 3 actor has won applause by sharing the latest pictures of his wedding on social media.

Randeep Hooda-Lin Laishram Wedding Pics

 The name of famous Bollywood actor Randeep has become a topic of discussion these days because of his marriage. On Wednesday, Randeep started a new phase of life by marrying his girlfriend Lynn Laishram in Imphal, Manipur. The latest videos and pictures of their wedding have surfaced on social media. Meanwhile, Randeep Hooda has also shared some wonderful photos of his wedding.

Randeep Hooda shared latest wedding pictures

 On Wednesday, Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram completed their marriage in the presence of their respective families. There was a lot of buzz about this couple’s marriage for a long time, so on November 29, Randeep and Lynn have made each other theirs forever. During this time, Randeep Hooda, one of the powerful actors of Hindi cinema, has shared the latest photo of the wedding on his official Instagram handle. In these pictures you can see that Randeep is seen wearing white colored dhoti-kurta and Lynn Laishram is seen wearing Potlai, Manipur’s traditional wedding dress. Lynn Laishram is looking very beautiful in bridal attire. Randeep’s look also looks quite stunning. This is the situation; these pictures of Randeep and Lynn’s wedding are going viral very fast on social media. Fans like and commenting heavily on these photos and are also congratulating the couple for their marriage.

Randeep Hooda-Lin Laishram Wedding Pics 2

Randeep and Lynn tied the knot with this custom

 Actually, the marriage of Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram was solemnized through Manipur’s cultural marriage ritual Maitai. You can easily guess this by looking at the wedding attire of Randeep and Lynn. Meitai marriage is a very old practice in Manipur. In such a situation, after the marriage of Randeep Hooda and Lynn Laishram, this ritual has become a topic of discussion. Let us tell you that after the marriage, a wedding reception of these two will be organized in Mumbai, in which many film personalities are expected to attend.

Randeep Hooda-Lin Laishram Wedding Pics 3

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