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My school essay

In this article, we have talked about the school. We have told with the help of essays how school and education are important in our lives. Before writing an essay on school, you should keep the image of your school in front of you. This helps you significantly in writing your essay.

Essay on my school in 250 words

School is a place where children can grow and play. My school is where I spend most of my days, and it has played an important role in my life.

My school has a beautiful campus with well-kept gardens and playgrounds. It has a well-equipped library,

Apart from academics, my school emphasizes extra-curricular activities like sports, music, dance, and drama. Throughout the year, the school organizes a variety of events and competitions for the students to showcase their talents and skills.

My teachers are knowledgeable, experienced, and supportive. They not only teach us the subjects but also help us develop personally and socially. They are always ready to help us and provide us with the necessary support.

In short, my school is more than a place of learning; It is also a place where I have made lifelong friends, gained valuable experiences, and created memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


The school has been given the status of a temple since ancient times. In ancient times, children were taken to Gurukuls (schools) at the age of 6, 8, or 11 years and received education as celibates by sitting near the Guru.

The Guru completes their physical and intellectual sanskaras, teaches them all the scriptures and useful knowledge, and finally gives them initiation, marries them, and sends them back to perform the various duties of the household. Present-day schools are certainly very different from the Gurukuls of ancient times, but even today, schools are given the status of temples, and teachers are given the status of God.

School site

My school is very beautiful, and I like my school very much. My school is located at a distance of about 2 kilometers from my house, so a yellow colored school bus from our school comes to pick me up in front of my house every day at 8 am on time and my mother takes me in the bus and sends me to school every day. Are. My school is at a secluded place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Since ancient times, a place where there was no noise was considered suitable for schools because studies require peace. My school is spread over a very large area; there are high walls around it.

School building

My school building is four-storeyed, which is built in the L shape of English. There are 80 rooms in the school. Each room has ventilated windows. These rooms are cleaned daily by the peons due to which we are able to study in a clean environment. My school teaches from class 6 to class 12. I study in class eight. My class is on the second floor of the school.

School campus

There is a very big ground behind my school. In which all of us students enjoy sports. This is our prayer place where we pray in the morning and start our day. There are big trees and small grass planted all around the school grounds. There are many small gardens in the school premises, in which colorful flowers are in bloom. Due to this, the environment of our school remains very good, and it also looks very beautiful.

School facilities (my school essay 10 lines)

  • As soon as we enter the school, there is a temple of Maa Saraswati where we go daily and pray and start our studies by taking the blessings of Maa Saraswati.
  • In my school, subjects from class 6 to class 12 are taught in both Hindi and English medium.
  • There are four water coolers installed in the school for water supply, through which we get cold water in summer, and there are six big water tanks for normal water.
  • There is a provision of 10 separate toilets for boys and girls on both sides of my school.
  • There is a big library in the school, in which we go every day to read news, newspapers, magazines, and story books.
  • There is a big room of 100 computers in our school, in which every day one of our classes is related to computers.
  • There is also a staff room arrangement for teachers to sit in my school, in which all the teachers sit and discuss among themselves.
  • In my school, tables and chairs have been arranged in each classroom for students to sit, and four fans are installed in each classroom for ventilation in the summer.
  • A small dustbin has been placed outside every classroom, in which students throw their class’s garbage. This prevents filth from spreading in the school.
  • There is a big black board in every class where our teachers come and explain to us by writing about any subject.
  • The school also has a swimming pool, where students swim and learn.
  • The school also has a huge auditorium, where festivals and colorful programs are organized.
  • Our school also makes proper arrangements for uniforms and books for poor students. Scholarships are also given to deserving students.

discipline in school

Discipline plays an important role in the success of any person. When a child is small, he understands the importance of discipline first from the family and later from school. Our school is very strict in terms of discipline. If any student violates discipline in school, he is given severe punishment. Uniforms, nails, and teeth are inspected daily. A monthly report of each student’s discipline is sent to their home.

Various teachers and various subjects of the school

There are a total of 50 teachers in our school, who teach different subjects in each class. All the teachers are scholars in their respective subjects due to which we understand every subject easily.

There is also a yoga class in our school every week.

In which yoga is taught, and the importance of yoga is explained. We are also told how to keep our health good. Yoga keeps our body and mind active and energetic, which helps us remain focused on our studies.

school headmaster

The headmaster of our school is a very calm and good personality person. He always advises us to do something new and tells us the importance of education by telling us an instructive story in daily prayer. Ever since he took charge of the school, the quality of education has improved, and the reputation of the school has also increased.

school competitions

Every week some or other competitions are held in our school, such as competitions for painting, debate, poetry, etc. In which all the students participate enthusiastically. Some big organizations in our school also organize competitions. In which sometimes some fee is also given to the students as a reward.

Due to the large grounds of our school, district level sports competitions are held in our school only. Students of our school also participate in this. There are competitions in hockey, football, volleyball, badminton, cricket, kabaddi etc. in my school.

school functions

For the all-round development of students, it is necessary that along with physical and mental development, students should also have cultural development. For this, cultural programs are organized in our school every year on 15th August, 26th January, and the annual festival. In which all the students participate enthusiastically.

NCC in our school on 15th August and 26th January. The students of the school parade, and after this, the Principal of our school hoists the tricolor flag of our country. The national anthem of our country is sung, and after this, various cultural programs take place on patriotic songs.

Many cultural programs also take place on the school anniversary day. Along with this, prizes are given to the students who stand first, second, and third in different activities in the school.

school exam results

The result of our school remains 100% every year, due to which our school has become a well-known school in our city. The reason for the school’s 100% exam results is also the fact that the teachers here are scholars and have good personalities. Who listens to all the questions of the students with patience and solves them. Due to the hard work of the teachers as well as the children and their parents, the school’s examination results remain 100 percent every year.



The best wealth of any nation is said to be its children. For the development of the nation, it is necessary that the all-round development of children should be good and a school is a suitable place for the all-round development of children where the child becomes a cultured and civilized citizen after studying. And contributes to the progress of the country. School and education have a very important place in a person’s life. Therefore, we all should bring every child closer to school and education so that he can contribute immensely to the progress of the country.

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