The Ultimate Guide to Feeding your Puppy

Bringing a new puppy can be exciting until you are unsure what to feed it and how to do it. Feeding your puppy the right way is crucial since it determines how it grows and if you will enjoy having it in your house. Selecting the right food for your puppy can be daunting with numerous dog food choices. So, if you are reading this article, you probably don’t know where to start feeding your puppy or are just looking for extra knowledge. We have compiled a guide to help you understand how to feed your puppy for proper nourishment and growth.

  • Ask for Advice

The best way to know you are doing the right thing is to seek advice from your vet. The professional knows everything from pet health to how pet owners should feed their pets. Therefore, consult them on where to start. They will describe a healthy feeding routine to adopt, including feeding times, the best type of food, and portions.

  • Choosing the Food

When you get your puppy, it should be ready to eat regular dog food. You must ensure your fur friend receives a balanced diet of carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and proteins. Ensure it is also drinking enough water. It will be ideal to select grain free puppy food since it is excellent for new puppies and have a vast diet component. Additionally, grain-free dog food has few chances of food intolerance and allergies. In short, please select the right food for your dog to ensure it gets enough nutrients and thrives as it should.

  • How Much You Should Feed the Puppy

Knowing the size of food to feed a puppy is always challenging for many new puppy owners. Often, puppies have bigger stomachs. It would help if you found a balance between giving your puppy the right amount and overfeeding it. The best way to balance feeding it is by giving it small portions frequently. The amount you give it will depend on its size and how big you want the puppy to grow.

If the puppy is still breastfeeding, give it a tablespoon at least four times a day. You can increase the amount as the puppy grows. Don’t get tempted to feed it more if you think it is still hungry. This will only lead to stomach upsets later, and the puppy may gain weight unhealthily. Plan its meals and ensure you give it the right amount. It is also important to include natural treats in between meals. You can weigh the puppy repeatedly to confirm it has the right weight depending on its age, breed, and size.

  • Where to Feed the Puppy

Don’t let your puppy feed on any place. Instead, find a designated feeding place for the pup. Ensure the area is quiet and free of distractions to ensure it eats without being interrupted. Ensure the dish is easy to clean and clean it every time before feeding. It is also advisable to ensure your kids stay away from the dog when it is eating. Puppies can get overprotective and may bite.


Feeding a puppy does not have to be a hassle if you know how to do it. A happy and healthy puppy starts with how you feed it. Therefore, go over this information and ensure you understand how to feed your fur friend properly. It will not hurt to include the input of your vet.

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