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Dinesh Karthik wife: The personal life of Dinesh Karthik, one of India’s famous international wicketkeeper players, has been quite controversial because his first wife was married to his teammate Murali Vijay in the year 2012 and due to Dinesh Karthik also married Murali. It is considered the same—divorce from his first wife.

So, let us know about the reason behind Dinesh Karthik’s divorce from his first wife and marriage to his second wife.

Dinesh Karthik’s first wife

The name of Dinesh Karthik’s first wife is Nikita Vanzara, whom he married in 2007. Nikita and Dinesh were childhood friends and studied together in school, after which they married. However, this marriage did not last long, and they divorced in 2012.

The main reason for the divorce was Nikita’s affair with Indian cricketer Murali Vijay.

Dinesh Karthik’s first wife: Nikita Vanzara

Dinesh Karthik has divorced Nikita Banjara: 2012

How did Murali Vijay’s love story with Nikita Vanzara begin?

Murali Vijay and Dinesh Karthik also played together in domestic cricket. After this, both of them played together many times in IPL. Murali Vijay became friends with Karthik’s wife, Nikita, during the 2012 IPL. A friendship developed between the two, and it turned into love. When Dinesh Karthik learned about this, there was an upheaval in his company and family life. After this, Nikita married Murali Vijay.

Nikita Banjara’s marriage with Murali Vijay

When Nikita and Dinesh Karthik divorced due to Murali Vijay in the year 2012, Nikita married Murali Vijay in the same year, and currently, Nikita and Murali have three children.

Friendship of Dinesh Karthik and Murali Vijay

Dinesh Karthik and Murali Vijay are also good friends, and both have played cricket for many years for the Indian team and the Tamil Nadu domestic team. In the test format, Dinesh and Murali Vijay played their last match together in 2018.

Dinesh Karthik’s Second wife

Three years after his first marriage, Dinesh married India’s famous squash player, Deepika Pallikal, in 2015, and both of them met in the gym; currently, both are living happily, and both have twin children.

Dinesh Karthik Wife

Have you frequently asked Questions?

Q. Who is Dinesh Karthik’s present wife?

Answer: Dinesh’s wife’s namwifea Pallikal, whom he married in 2015. D is a professional Indian squash player.

Q. Whom did Dinesh Karthik’s first wife marry?

Answer: Dinesh Karthik’s first wife was Nikita Vanzara, who married her fellow cricketer Murali Vijay in 2012 after divorcing Dinesh.

Q. What happened to Dinesh Karthik’s wife?

Answer: Dinesh Karthik married his childhood friend Nikita Vanzara in 2007. Dinesh Karthik was 21 years old then. But after his wife had an affair with Murali Vijay, they both got divorced in 2012.

Q. Are Murali Vijay and Dinesh Karthik friends?

Answer: Murali Vijay and Dinesh Karthik also played together in domestic cricket. Since then, they have played together in the IPL several times. Murali Vijay became friends with Karthik’s wife, Nikita, during the 2012 IPL.

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