There is various equipment that you need in any industry. Be it the complex machines or the simple load-carrying equipment you need all of them to work in tandem to produce the maximum output. Here we will take the example of one such type of equipment that is used in the industry. The equipment that we are discussing is simple load-carrying equipment. It is a platform trolley that we will be discussing and what are the factors that you need to check on before buying them.

So first let’s get to know about platform trolleys and what is their use in the factories?

Platform trolleys are used in the factories for load-carrying purposes. They have a platform that is used for carrying load items within the factory from one place to the other. The type of material used to transport on the load platform can vary from one industry to the other. They can be anything from food baskets, wooden frames, tin cans, plastic bottles, jars, nesting crates, aluminum tubes, pipes, machinery and device parts, engineering goods, etc. The benefit of using platform trolleys is that multiple items can be transferred I one go and you can get the job done efficiently by hiring fewer laborers and in less time too.

What are the factors that you need to consider for buying them?

Are you pondering on what should you look at when you are about to buy a platform trolley for your industry? Here are a few simple points explained in brief.

Load rating capacity

If there is anything that has to be told first it would be the load rating of the trolley. Industrial trolleys have different grades of load ratings. Some are used for the transport of lightweight to medium weight items while others are used for transporting the heavyweight items and goods.

What type of load capacity do you handle in your industry? What is their average weight?

Whether it can be used for both indoor and outdoor uses

Do you need to use your platform trolleys for both indoor and outdoor purposes? If yes, then for outdoor use you need to think about the weather conditions that they will put at. Consider the weather and climatic conditions in your area such as heat, rain, snow, excessive humidity, etc. Most of these factors might trigger rusting in case the trolley is made of metal.

What type of tires do you want for your platform trolley?

There are different types of tires that you can use for your platform trolley. These are – pneumatic tires, solid metal tires, and even the foam tires. The pneumatic tires might puncture in case of excessive load or on the right surface. The ones made of solid metals are good for transporting heavyweight items and can be used on rough surfaces too.

What should be the constituent material of the trolley?

Remember about the corrosion that we told you about? Platform trolleys are made from stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and even thermoplastic. The ones made of metals can easily provide you with a good service life if they are protected from corrosion agents properly like galvanizing or anodizing the outer body.

Do you need load platform extendable trolleys?

The loading platform on a platform trolley can be sometimes extended even further in case of the some models. These have an extendable platform beneath the normal platform. If you need to transport a lot of materials in one go then you can extend it from the front to have more space on the load platform. Make sure to know how much extra weight can be put on the extendable part safely.

Do need to buy foldable trolleys?

If you don’t have too much space inside the factory premises but need trolleys anyhow then you can consider buying a foldable platform trolley. They will not consume any extra space when they are not in use. They can be easily folded and kept in your storeroom stacked on top of one another.

Does it meet the industry certifications?

An industrial platform trolley does need to pass certain tests and certifications to enable it to become fit for use commercially. Check for the certifications needed in your industry and then check out for labels and certification marks over the body of the trolley.

Finally the cost

Finally, when all the parameters are met you can check out the cost and find one within your budget. There are loads of models to check out. Find yours now.


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