Goa Holiday Packages
Goa Holiday Packages

A beautiful imagery consisted of great beaches with roaring sea waves, delectable array of authentic Goa cuisine, palm-fringed seashores with stones eroded by the waves of the sea, partying spirit of the state, popular beach flea markets and the footprints of the bygone Portuguese era has always fascinated those who have been to Goa and others who have always wanted to, especially the people from plains. But add one more element to this imagery and the resultant creation is so vivid that one cannot stay away from Goa: its festivals. If you are too lazy to make a plan to visit the state during those beautiful days, customised Goa Holiday Packages can be bought at any given moment. Best part is that you just have to enjoy them.

Wondering about the festivals that you might consider for such a trip? Here’s the list. Pick the ones that suit your travel time best or pique your interest more than the others.

Events and festivals that make Goa special

Goa Carnival- Festivities for four days with merrymaking, eating around, dancing the night out, while the carnival costumes are there to make your festive mood even more exuberant. Those who have never got the chance to witness any such masked parade and dance like they are crazy come to Goa to have a time of their life.

Three Kings Feast- This festival is to mark the day when Three Kings of Magi had offered their gifts to the baby Jesus, and celebrated fondly by Christians as well as the Hindus of Goa. The statue of Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus is considered to be the protector of the people and the feast is in truth is given as ode to this “Our Lady of the Mount”.

Sao Joao- This is the season for rains and romance. This is the time for young (and old too!) to express their emotions through dance and colour. Processions through the village streets by folk dancers dressed in frills and feathers carrying fenny bottles while making the street their platform is something to experience. Goa Honeymoon packages could be the best way to holiday here.

Christmas- A discussion about Goan festivals without Christmas is like eating a cake without icing. Celebrate the coming of Jesus and the New Year with choicest of the wines and picking the best of the gifts from the Christmas Trees found in all the nooks and corners of the market places. Treat yourself some cosy space and enjoying the evening with friends.

Sunburn- This music festival is considered to be the “baap” of all the music festivals in India with the most famous of the Indian and International DJs and a great cheering crowd ready to make the most of all the beats thrown to / for them. Plan a New Year holiday celebration in Goa and you get an all-inclusive vacation.

Shigmo- If you have experienced Holi in any of the prominent state where this festival of colour is celebrated like no other, you know how Shigmo is. And expect the music and dance to be there by default. Goa tour packages including this festival can give you an insight on how two different festivals can have same spirit.

For which festival you would be here?


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