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Linksys range extenders amplify both the range along with accessibility of your wireless home or office network. The extender receives the existing signals generating from the router or access point and replicating them. This results in fast internet connectivity throughout the house or workplace. If you are seeking help for Linksys extender setup using WPS, then this post is the ultimate destination for you.

Here, we are going to discuss the necessary steps to install a Linksys extender using WPS method. Let’s take the plunge.

Before getting started with the extender setup procedure, check if your device is in factory default values. If not, perform the reset process.

Don’t know how to reset Linksys range extender? Panic not. Just relax and sit back. Dial our toll-free number and get immediate help from our expert technicians.

What is WPS and how it works?

WPS refers to WiFi Protected Setup. It is the easiest method for setting up a Linksys range extender. To be more precise, WPS is a wireless network security standard which is used to connect a router to smart WiFi-compatible devices in an easier and faster way.

Setting up a client with WiFi Protected Setup can be done in two ways. You can use one of the following things:

  • Physical WPS button on your device
  • Web-based WPS button

Both of the methods are explained below one by one. It all depends on your wish that by which means you want to set up your Linksys range extender.

  1. Using WiFi Protected Setup Button

The WPS configures one device at a time. As the name signifies, it is a protected setup method for your network. All you have to do is manually press the WPS button on your device.

Once done, the WPS light turns on which indicates that the configuration between extender and router WiFi signals has started. After that, the three solid lights show that your extender has been successfully configured with router signals.

Having dual-band range extender? Repeat the aforementioned steps once.

Now everything is set up. You can connect to Linksys extender setup-xxx network with the help of any client device.

Important Note: In case the range extender has not been configured, pressing WPS button will configure your device to pair with the current router or access point. On the other hand, if the extender is already configured, pressing the said button will configure your device to connect with wireless clients such as computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets.

  1. Using Web-based WPS Button

To move your hands on web-based WPS button, you have to access Linksys extender router login webpage. Under this method, you will be accompanied by three options namely:

  • WiFi Protected Setup button
  • Using the WPS PIN
  • Through the client’s PIN

You can select any one option as per your choice.

  • WiFi Protected Setup Button

First of all, power on your range extender. Switch on a computer or laptop which must be connected to a high-speed internet connection. Launch a web browser and log in to Linksys web address.

What next? The appeared page i.e. Linksys extender login asks for username and password. Locate the WPS button on your client device to get started with the setup process. Once found, press that gently. Finally, click on enabled option to set up your Linksys range extender properly.

  • Using the WPS PIN

Does your client device have a WPS PIN? If yes, go with this option. For those who are too new to the term, PIN is known as Personal Identification Number. It is one of the connection methods intended by WiFi Alliance. You can set up the wireless network as well as security settings just by entering the PIN number.

Once you are on web address, input the WPS PIN and click on the given button. Make sure that your extender is turned on.

  • Using the Router’s PIN

If you don’t use the above two methods, opt for the third one. It requires you to enter the router’s PIN in the provided field. When you access extender.linksys web page, fill in the PIN of your router to the empty box. This will complete the process of your Linksys extender setup.

Hope this post has proved fruitful in addressing your query. Share your feedback via the comments section given below.


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