CFA mock test

I think that the study materials used will differ depending on the learning phase, such as flashcards and Mockup exams, but first of all, I think that you will decide which text to study.

I used the CFA Best Mock Exam.

There are three reasons

  • A friend of mine who inspired me to take the CFA exam used the CFA Best Mock Exam.
  • 70% of the successful candidates I met at CFA Society used CFA Best Mock Exams.
  • It’s half the amount of the official text of the CFA Institute (CFAI).

For 1 and 2, it’s a personal reason. I was able to hear “the goodness of CFA Best Mock Exam” directly from my acquaintances and friends, so I started studying with CFA Best Mock Exam without hesitation about other teaching materials. Then, what is the “goodness of CFA Best Mock Exam”? This is the third reason, “the volume is small”. The amount of text is less than the official CFA Association text (about half the amount), yet you have enough knowledge to pass. By the way, the CFA Best Mock Exam I was using for the June 2016 exam was a 2015 teaching material that I received from a friend.

If you create an account on the official CFAI page, you will be able to access the page called “CFA Program Registered Candidate Resources”. This page contains everything you need to take the CFA exam, including the Level xx Curriculum Changes from the previous year in the latest Curriculum. Therefore, if you can only get the teaching materials of the previous year, I think it is better to proceed with the study while referring to this information. Also, for example, the following video explains the changes from the previous year.

I went around the CFA Best Mock Exam in the following order of the Chapters.

  • FRA
  • Economics
  • Quanta
  • Corporate Finance
  • Equity investment
  • Fixed Income
  • Portfolio Management
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative Investment
  • Ethics

There are several reasons why I learned in this order.

First of all, the Ethics last is why to study, but the reasons are two.

  • Ethics is something that you can learn by solving problems rather than reading texts.
  • If the overall evaluation of this exam is close to the pass / fail border, candidates with good Ethics scores tend to pass. It’s such an important unit, so you need to keep it in mind before the exam.

Learning the entire Syllabus chapter-wise according to the CFA best mock exam is always beneficial for every CFA aspirant because it results in finding weak points in every chapter, you should work on. I proceeded with studying Ethics by the following methods, but it seems that many successful applicants recommend studying using the official CFA textbook.

How to use previous year question bank?

CFA previous year question bank is an online exercise tool provided by the CFA test series. After going around the CFA Best Mock Exam, it’s time to work on CFA previous year question bank.


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