Hampta camps 

In this article, you will know about the facilities of the sethan guest house and hampta camps in Himachal Pradesh, India. By knowing the facilities it will help you to find the best guest house and camps for your trip.

Facilities of the Sethan guest house:

The facilities of the Sethan guest house are given by,

  • Enhanced clean: In this pandemic situation cleanliness is one of the important roles. This guesthouse staff has made a commitment before every stay.
  • They will sanitize every high touch surface which including the doorknob down.
  • They use cleaners that are approved by the health expert like disinfectants with 70% of alcohol.
  • The staff always wears a mask and gloves to help you avoid cross-contamination.
  • They also wash all linen at a heat setting
  • The staff will follow all other local guidance.
  • During your stay, you can do rock climbing, farming, trekking, bouldering, and day hikes.

Amenities of the Sethan guest house:

  • Bathroom – Shampoo
  • Bedroom and laundry – Towels, bed sheets, toilet paper, and soap
  • Heating and Cooling – Heating and indoor fireplace
  • Home safety – First aid kit and private rooms are locked for privacy and security.
  • Internet – Wifi is available throughout the guest house
  • Kitchen and dining – The space is available for the guests to cook their own foods as their wish.
  • Parking and facilities: There is free parking are available for your vehicles.
  • Services: The guest house service will offer you breakfast.
  • The guest house does not include the air conditioning, hairdryer, television, carbon monoxide alarm, private entrance, smoke alarm, and washing machine.

Facilities of the Hampta camps:

The facilities of the Hampta camps are given by,

  • The campsite should be enhanced clean by well sanitized, use approved products for the disinfectants, thoroughly cleaning, wear a mask and gloves, and wash all linen.
  • You can check yourself with the lockbox.
  • You can add your trip dates to get the cancellation policy of the campsite.
  • House rules: It is not suitable for the infants under 2 years. Your pets are not allowed and smoking is allowed in the campsite.

Amenities of the Hampta campsite:

  • Basic: Wifi is available for whole camps, essentials like towels and more, indoor fireplace, hot water, and washing machine.
  • The cot is available for the families and free parking for your vehicles.
  • There is a private entrance for the separate streets and building entrance
  • Logistics: Your luggage is drop off is allowed for the guest’s convenience. The camps will allow a long-term stay for 28 days or more.
  • Outdoor: Patio, balcony, garden, and backyard
  • Safety features: First aid kit is available but there is no security camera on the property.
  • The campsite does not include the kitchen, air conditioning, hairdryer, heating, TV, shampoo, smoke alarm, and carbon monoxide alarm.

If you are planning to visit the Himachal Pradesh for the trekking and camping you must choose the sethan guest house and hampta campsite for the staying. These will give an excellent experience in your lifetime.

Enjoy your trip!!


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