For running a website, we do require a web host service. At present, you will find numerous companies providing web hosting services. There is tough competition among companies when it comes to providing these services. Finding a reliable web hosting service for your business or your website is not easy. Especially, when you have to choose from various website host services. We open many websites every day and all those websites are hosted differently according to the website hosting service they have chosen. People usually decide this by looking at the nature of the business, business requirement, the number of visitors, speed, and a lot many other things. If you are new in the digital market and planning to launch your website, we suggest you have a look at different web hosting services. It will give you clarity on which web hosting service is the right fit for your website.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Depending on different servers, we do have different options for web hosting also. Mainly, there are 4 types of hosting services. They are shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and Cloud hosting. Your website’s performance, traffic, security, accessibility, etc will depend on the type of hosting service you will choose. Now, let us know in detail about these web hosting services.

Shared Hosting – If you have a small blog or you are planning to start a website with limited web pages, then go for this hosting. The shared hosting service is basically for small or beginner level websites only. For a basic website with limited resources to offer and expecting less than 20 to 15k visitors, shared hosting is perfect. One can easily set up this hosting service and it is budget-friendly too. You will not require a lot of technical info for setting up this web hosting. You should also know, that in this web hosting service, you will share the resources of the server with more websites.

Dedicated Hosting – Looking for a website for your business or your company, then go ahead with dedicated hosting. It is considered to be one of the best hosting services, as it provides a dedicated server. Unlike shared hosting, no other website will share your server or server’s resources. For high performance, high loading speed, and high traffic, dedicated hosting is perfect. But to manage this type of hosting, you either need a hosting provider or you should have proper technical knowledge. Among all the hosting services, this is considered to be the costliest web hosting service.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting – VPS Hosting is considered almost the same as shared hosting service. But there are a few differences when it comes to sharing the server’s resources. The server will get shared by different websites in this hosting service also. But it will get shared by a comparatively lower number of websites. However, you will get dedicated resources for your website. This is costlier than Shared Hosting but is lower in price when compared to dedicated hosting service. With this website hosting service, your website will perform well, but not as good as the websites which use dedicated hosting.

Cloud Hosting – Cloud web hosting is quite popular these days among large business enterprises. If you have unpredictable traffic, then considering cloud hosting will be a better idea. With this kind of hosting, you only need to pay for the resources you are utilizing. This is one of the reasons why the price of cloud web hosting varies. In this hosting, you will have multiple remote servers dedicated to different responsibilities. So, there are fewer chances of facing downtime when using this hosting service.

As you know about different hosting services, it is now easy for you to choose the right one for your website. But one confusion remains and that is from where to buy these hosting services. If we have to suggest a name for buying hosting services, we usually recommend Hostingraja only. They have been providing hosting services for a long time. Be it their hosting features or the cost of the hosting services, they are unmatchable. They always try to keep their customers happy and satisfied. We are not only saying this, we have heard the same from their customers also. You can go through the reviews by yourself online. You will see how successful they are in providing a variety of hosting services along with customer support.


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