In today’s competitive call center businesses, agents must be provided with modern technology and tools that can help them in improving their efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. The success of call centers mostly relies on the performance of agents, the way they provide customer service with every interaction. If agents are not productive enough, call centers are at great risk of losing their clients, repute, and revenue. Call center software systems can help to improve overall productivity of the agents by allowing them to handle calls in an efficient manner.
What is a Predictive Dialer?
One of the best auto dialers, predictive dialer technology delivers an intelligent outbound dialing system that predicts an agent’s availability, automatically calibrates the dialing rate and connects agents to live customers. The system works by placing calls to multiple numbers from the available contact list and routes call to an available agent only when the call is answered by a real customer. Moreover, the dialer automatically decreases or increases the number of concurrent calls based on the percent of dropped calls that the agent’s want to maintain.
How Predictive Dialers Work?
Predictive dialers basically use mathematical formulas and algorithms to predict the average time it will take for calls to be answered along with which agents will be available, and then adjusts the dialing rate accordingly. This call center software can also analyze unsuccessful calls and determine if that number requires a callback.
Top Features of Predictive Dialer
Let’s take a look over some of the key features of predictive dialer software for call centers:
Pacing Ratio: Pacing ratio is simply the process of calling multiple numbers for a single agent. In other words, it is the number of outbound calls per agent. Predictive dialer dials multiple numbers for a single agent. The dialer automatically dials the numbers when an agent is about to finish an ongoing call. The pacing ratio can be increased or decreased based on the quality of data and the number of agents available.
Call Conferencing: The feature also known as 3-way calling is a useful feature that allows a third person in an ongoing call where all calls will be connected to each other. To start a 3-way call, the agent will start with a regular call by dialing the first number. Once the call is answered, the predictive dialer will automatically dial another number to which they want to connect. When the second one receives the call, agents can easily connect both the calls together by using the call conferencing option.
Campaign Management: Predictive dialer enables call center managers to organize multiple campaigns. These campaigns can be customized easily according to the business’s requirements. Campaigns can be managed easily including pause, delete, edit, rerun, etc.
DNC Management: DNC or Do Not Call feature gives reliability to limit the telemarketing phone calls. DNC is basically the list of contact numbers that are registered under government regulations for not to receive any promotional calls. Predictive dialer provides the feature of DNC management, which verifies all the DNC numbers against the contact list. By eliminating all the DNC numbers, the dialer assures fine free calling.
Answering Machine Detection: Predictive dialer has Answering Machine Detection (AMD) feature that filters out all the numbers that end up on the answering machine. Before transferring any call to the agents, a predictive dialer assures that a call is answered by a real customer. The feature helps to save a lot of agent’s time as it connects them to only those calls that are answered from the customers’ end.
Customized Dial Time: The customized dial time feature of the predictive dialer helps filtering out the contact numbers based on their time-zone, and area codes. This is for the reason that different countries have different time zones. The dialer ensures calling numbers at the most suitable time after verifying diverse attributes including the country name, area, code, and time.
Call Recording: The call recording feature of the predictive dialer is very useful for quality and training purposes. It records and stores all the calls in HD-quality and saves the data on the cloud. Supervisors or managers can listen to past calls whenever required or save recordings for future references for providing the training to new agents.
Call Monitoring: Quite similar to the call recording feature, the predictive dialer provides an option to the supervisors or managers to track each and every activity related to ongoing calls. The feature allows previewing the call quality in between the calls. This feature is also helpful in training new joiners by offering them on the job training where they can learn from other experienced agents. Call monitoring comprised of two important features:
Call whispering: The feature enables a manager to interact with an agent in an ongoing call where the third person can’t listen to their conversation. The feature is beneficial for the agent to handle a customer call effectively.
Call barging: Unlike call whispering, the call barging option enables the manager to interact with both the parties, the agents and the customers. The feature is very beneficial in resolving an issue or query promptly without putting the customer on hold.
Both these features allow administrators to share their inputs in an ongoing call.
Reports & Analytics: Another important feature of a predictive dialer is that it provides detailed reports related to each agent, team, and department of the call center. One can access reports like the agent’s report, real-time tracking, call details, and many more.
In a call center, time management and efficiency play the most important role to achieve the desired goal of creating satisfied customers and increased ROI. Predictive dialer software is undoubtedly the best tool to get the best results possible.


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