Not everybody has this talent of cooking. But if you’re lucky enough to have a taste in your hand and want to showcase it in front of people who are interested in learning, then what are you waiting for. I couldn’t think of any better idea than starting your own cooking channel on Youtube. Well, that will definitely be great as doing something you are passionate about always turns out to be good and profitable. There are many people out there who aren’t lucky enough to get the kitchen hierarchy and creativity of cooking. But who doesn’t like to eat tasty food? So, for that purpose people depend totally upon cooking channels on YouTube to learn and cook something delicious. Not only this, a cook show can turn out to be a great career opportunity too. 

As we all know that anything and everything needs dedication and hard work to accomplish. Same is with a YouTube channel. You have to be tough in your decision. There are a lot of YouTube channels that are famous and have millions of subscribers. Also there are channels who aren’t even recognised as they don’t have much views and subscribers. Well, that matters a lot. But hey don’t be gloomy so soon! We have got you covered. 

In this article we will be discussing ways to grow your cooking channel on Youtube. 


  • Research a lot before beginning- You might have already done that. And that’s great if you did. There are obviously a lot of cooking channels existing. Checking out those will help you a lot with yours. You’ll get an idea about how you should begin. By doing so, you will be able to build a concept regarding your channel. Do something you think you can with a unique outlook. 



  • Build a schedule and stick to it- That’s really important and will always work in your favour. Having a schedule for your YouTube channel that has all the necessary things like when and what video you will be uploading next is something great. It will help your audience to know the timing of your next video and hence it will help in retaining views and followers on your channel. But for this to happen you have to stick towards your schedule. Suppose if you are uploading your video on every Friday let it be that way. 



  • Ask for suggestions – If you’re asking your viewer’s to suggest what you recepi you should upload next will be really helpful. This is because there might be chances that your audience wants to learn something specific that you haven’t uploaded yet. Also it will make them feel special that you’re listening to them. 



  • Purchase YouTube subscribers – One of the easiest and amazing ways to build a base for your channel is buying YouTube subscribers. If a channel doesn’t have enough subscribers and views it tends to be ignored. No matter how exquisite your content is. Many famous YouTubers too purchase subscribers to compete. After all it’s nothing illegal. Always buy them from a genuine website so that you can have organic subscribers for your channel. The people who are really interested in your content. Also it will save you from being judged and ignored because of less views and countable subscribers. 



  • Promoting your channel can do wonders-  If you are working so hard to create a video and not promoting it then what’s the whole point of doing such hard work? Well, promoting your cooking channel on different social media platforms can help in converting your followers into genuine subscribers. Also it will help in making people aware about your channel, those who aren’t already. 



  • Add the ingredients in description – Many cook shows on YouTube did not add the ingredients they are using in the description below. This can have a negative impact on your audience as they may find it difficult to know what exactly you are doing. So, you can use this point to grow your cooking channel upto the next level. 



  • Communicate – If you will just keep on adding ingredients in your recipe without actually telling your audience what it is, you will definitely mess it all up in their heads. So communicate! Keep on directing your audience on what to do and how to do. This will help the beginners out there as well! 


So, you might have gathered all the useful information needed to slay in your channel. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and use these above mentioned methods to grow your cook show on YouTube.


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