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In the current state of the restaurant industry, technology is rapidly evolving, pushing restaurateurs around the world to be constantly upgrading, we all have seen that many chain restaurants are utilizing new technology to grab the attention of the customers. However, smaller restaurants often can’t access the same advanced techniques of marketing that are helping the enterprises to reach a large number of people with a reasonable investment. This is where social media advertising come in. Social media advertising allows local restaurants to be just as competitive in the marketing department as bigger chains. It has been concluded in some of the most widely performed studies by our marketers that while almost all restaurants can benefit from social media advertising, few can afford the time and money associated with endless testing and optimization.

Traditionally, it has always been better to hire an expert in this field who will guide you towards all the right things that can be done to support the marketing of your restaurants. The competition in the marketing realm is so fierce that it is vital for you to take the right steps to grab the attention of your potential customers. There is a list of benefits provided by social media advertising for restaurants. Let’s have a look at them.

  • More inbound traffic: If your restaurant is not advertising on social media, it means that you have a limited inbound traffic reach to only local eaters. Social media advertising opens the doors for interacting with thousands of potential customers who may not be aware of you from word of mouth. Everyday, you can post content on social media to both keep your current customers engaged and coming back, as well as support the acquisition of new customers. Keeping people updated with new menus and new specials will incentivize customers to prioritize you in the decision making process.
  • Better customer satisfaction: The main aim of growth of any business is customer success and satisfaction. This is the mark of a successful business. By utilizing social media advertising, your restaurant can establish a good communication network with the consumers you are reaching out to. They will appreciate your restaurant’s good services on the social media platform, forming a database of testimonials that you can either push out onto your social media profile, or serve as critical customer feedback for you to improve your business. Utilizing social media advertising can also help you test out appetizing new specials and menus, as online feedback often translate to real world success.
  • Improves search engine rankings: Like we discussed in the beginning, online marketing is all about getting more and more traffic on the site of your restaurants. This means that ideally, someone should search up your food niche and be immediately directed to your social media presence, where they can view your menu and become a customer. So, it is critically important for your restaurant to use the best tools that will help in getting that traffic. Search engine optimization is one of the effective tools that will help your restaurant to obtain web traffic that is directly translated to real life traffic. SEO will give your restaurant a boost in search engines whenever people search up the keywords that are associated with your restaurant the most. This might mean that you must optimize your website to suit the specific keywords that you believe your ideal customer would be interested in.
  • Increase brand awareness: The basic purpose of doing marketing is to create brand awareness among potential customers and simply, social media platforms are the best way to do this. Almost every person of every age group is present on social media platforms. It is significantly easier for a restaurant to spread brand awareness – since everyone needs food, your target customers are people of all age groups. Social media provides critical feedback features of like, comment and share that will ultimately help you better your menu and services. This feature adds a flavour to the interaction of the company with clients. With the help of this, a wide audience can be targeted at the same moment.

To summarize, social media advertising is important for establishing your restaurant’s brand awareness, growing your website traffic and allowing for instant communication between you and your prospects.

You don’t have to go at it alone, for assistance in your social ad campaigns, you can even utilize professional tools such as Stiddle. A tool that was created to help restaurateurs like yourself get into social advertising. The great thing about Stiddle is how easy it is to setup and optimize your ad campaigns, landing pages, and customers. There are other platforms out there as well to help run your online ads, but we’ve found Stiddle to produce the best results for the best price. If you are interested in a free trial from Stiddle, check them out Here.


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