If polo players have something to envy in their uniform its their boots, an element that is not only elegant but also very functional, they are useful for playing chukkas but also for being around in the club and still looking good.

Polo boots are in many cases a work of art that has been elaborated by craftsman that very carefully manipulate leather, and it isn’t for the less, the skins that are used to manufacture the Krono Polo boots are skins that come from excelsis from the most desired Argentinian leather, buffalo leather and the luxury known Cordovan leather, for Krono Polo the boots are not only to protect your feet, they also give out class, good taste and presence while playing or just simply walking around with them.

Krono has different type of boots depending on the players needs, the ones that are elaborated with buffalo leather have a great capacity of protection, they are also comfortable and keep your feet in a great temperature, buffalo leather is known for their resistance and flexibility, being a pore like material that absorbs and gives freedom to all humidity in an efficient way.

Another of Krono Polo great products are the three-layer boots, as the name mentions it, they have three different layers of cow skin on the exterior, giving them extra protection, a considerable increase on the durability of the boot and a complete absorption of the impact. Even having three layers of leather, they are still flexible and with great adaptability to the feet, allowing them to shrink in a way of getting to scale to your leg.

Now if you wish to style Polo Boots with exquisite delicacy you must try the Cordovan boots, also called Shell Cordovan or Anca de Potro, recognized worldwide and used by the best polo players on an international level. This boots are the cherry on your cake, they will steal looks and apart from being aesthetically beautiful, the quality of their leather will accompany you your whole life, these boots are polo resistant, with implacable shine and with time they will acquire a unique slide.

The Krono boots are manufactured directly in Argentina in a region where they know about leathers and have years of experience and tradition taking care of not only making boots but also items of all types in leather, the Argentinian craftsman have it in their blood for the art of manufacturing leather goods.

The different presentations of the Krono Polo boots will take care of you like no other and they will make you look impeccable at all time. Krono wants for all those who use their products to not only look good but also for them to feel safe, not only because of the quality of their protection but also for its sophisticated aesthetic in their designs.

To look at the different krono boots you can go to there you will find information on how to order your boots.

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