In the olden day’s king generation was ruling their kingdom but nowadays the system as according to the model world has changed since in some country king ruling may happen but in democratic countries the -election is implemented. The operation of the by-election is that where the people used to select their ruling party, where this ruling party will be for 5 years in their country, so after 5 years the by-election process will be again opened up. So now the election period is on in India many political parties move forward to the people, for implements their benefit for the country as well as for them.

Among them, the congress part also moves forward to the people and announce what benefit will be gain by the people after they pass in the election. Who was this party did many projects and it went out to benefit and succeed in the country besides they now announced a new contest among the votes, where this contest may benefit both votes and government. To get the people more attractive the congress part announced that, the best person in the contest will receive the rewards.

Who launched the Bachao video contest?

Assam Pradesh congress committee before the election they implemented the Assam Bachao contest. This program is leaded on Tuesday at Assam; in that program, the congress leader announces what is the purpose of this contest to the Assam people as well as all over the world in the press meet. The main reason behind this contest is to fewer problems in the country. This contest is called as two minutes video where the people will catch some issues for 2 minutes in their state. And other best part of this project is that you will receive the gift like iPhone or cash or much more. Not for all Bachao participates only the person who catch more risk issues of state are be a gift by congress party.

Try to share the vide through

As the length of this video is to be 2 minutes only, so the person who catches the most sensitive news has to post the video on the respective website With the hashtag Assam Bachao contest and the issues in short form view in words. After this video updates on the page, it is viewed all over the world including every government member, if the issue is picked by the state or country it will sort out immediately and the caught person will be reward by both congress and the government. The main aim of the congress is to know what happing in the state as well as who the government taking fact for the people.

Who are eligible for this contest?

The vote’s candidates are eligible for this contest besides the votes in their country, so only 18 plus people are allowed to in this contest. Besides, they added the feature is that the people who are living in another country but they have to Assam people or Indiana also they can participate in this contest.


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