Nowadays, customers find a myriad of choices when they start searching for some service providers and products. But how do they finalize their decision and make a deal? Most of them check their business reputation while making a purchase. Although you provide quality products and services, your competitors may have achieved a high reputation in the digital world. Thus, to beat your competitors, you need to focus on online reputation management. It is essential to check your reputation always and respond to your customers.

Competitor analysis for ORM

You know that competitor analysis is a must to start your ORM campaign. ORM professionals always check Facebook and Google ratings of your competitors to take any step. They check out your target customers’ views and calculate the average ratings of your competitors’ businesses. Moreover, they find how those competitors have responded to their customer reviews.

A successful reputation management campaign with a detailed competitor analysis will help you in improving your brand sentiment.

Reviews and ratings to win the competition

Do you know that every star and rating can contribute to the increase in your business revenues? You may increase your earnings by 5 to 9% when you get positive reviews. With a good ORM program and a typical response to reviews, you will positively affect your business. These reviews prove that your business provides the best customer services, and you will find it easy to engage customers.

One negative review out of ten positive reviews may affect your Google ranking and brand reputation. Your customers’ words about your business performance are like word-of-mouth recommendations in the digital world. Most of the potential buyers research online before purchasing an item. Google also takes this factor seriously.

Positive reviews will help you in gaining a better position in the local searches. Google always tries to find out how prominent a business is. The search engine tests this prominence level by checking ratings and reviews of a particular business. For instance, when someone has used the term best (like the best restaurant and best hotel), the search engine will interpret it as a positive signal.

Other ways to strengthen your reputation

You have already understood that negative criticisms may cause damaging effects on your revenues. Moreover, they prevent your business from winning the competition. However, simple repetitive management may not always be effective in beating competitors. That is why you can combine other techniques, like Google Adwords, SEO, and SEM. Like ORM, these marketing campaigns also need constant effort to achieve success. For instance, when it is about Google Adwords for restaurants, you need to choose your business’s best ad copy. There are also Bing paid ads, Twitter ads, and Facebook ads to advertise your business. As several potential customers will find your business name, you can increase your reputation.

To conclude, we have to say that it takes a day to damage a company’s reputation. When your potential customers have found several bad reviews against your business, you will lose sales. 100% satisfied customers of your business are ready to leave positive comments about your company. You can encourage them to write reviews, and in return, you can benefit them in some ways. However, there is a need for other proactive steps for ORM. That is why you may hire professionals from Hospitality Marketing Agency Chicago to deal with your ORM. They use tools to track your customer reviews all the time. It will help you to display only the positive and genuine reviews from loyal customers.

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