5 Ways You Can Empower Your Law Firm with Local SEO

Any successful legal firm’s revenue is derived mostly from the acquisition of prospective clients. However, as a result of the digital revolution, the legal profession has been over-saturated, resulting in unprecedented rivalry, both online and offline.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, however, came the overwhelming need for online dominance in the legal industry. Therefore, anything you can do to boost your firm’s web presence to outrank your competition can and should be done. And this is where local search engine optimization comes in.

Why Local SEO?

Local SEO is vital for your business to thrive. This is due to a shift in the digital marketing trend, which is a direct result of a whopping 97% of legal consumers having searched for attorneys inordinately on Google. With that in mind, you need to have a focused strategy on the keywords your clients are likely to use when searching for your services.

Below we discuss five ways to better your overall local SEO in order to boost your law firm’s ranking and web presence.

1. Maintain Your Domain Name

Don’t alter the name of your website on a regular basis; if possible, stick with the name you started with. Many search engines value the length of time a company has had its domain name. The domain name is usually what gives clients an idea as to what you are doing.

Include your occupation and location in the domain name and description because that is what potential clients will look for when looking for a supplier of legal services. Keep in mind, however, if you need to rebrand, you will have to start from scratch because SEO is a lengthy process. Therefore, it is preferable to pick out your name in the beginning.

2. Concentrate on Your Entire Website

You must ensure your entire website has followed the SEO strategy correctly. Pay attention to even the little aspects to appear on the first page of a search.

You can use these simple methods to always have keywords included on your website:

Placing keywords in title images, incorporating keywords in title pages, and including your web page in your homepage and about pages.

3. Obtain Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Having previous customers submit favorable reviews of your service on your website will improve traffic to your website and inspire additional local clients to seek legal counsel from you. Following the upload of the reviews, your next step should be to formally thank the reviewers in response to their comments. If you receive bad feedback, be sure to address it respectfully.

4. Optimize Your Voice Search

According to research, voice search will boom in the coming years. As a result, optimizing how individuals ask questions when speaking into their devices is critical.

Customers prefer to employ a long tail of terms in voice searches, which necessitates optimizing your SEO to meet the conversational tone of the person speaking. Consider user intent as well as optimizing for voice to meet the user’s desire for specific information.

5. Make Use of Local Keywords

Your keywords should be relevant to your local clients. The base of the terms is used in geographical searches. Make a list of relevant keywords to target and make sure they appear in the URL and meta text of your website.

Hop on the Local SEO Bandwagon

SEO services for law firms include updating your website to the most recent standards, making it mobile-friendly, and providing engaging content. If your location and photos are out of date, update them. Additionally, make sure the title tags and page titles are distinct and engaging.

The tips for local SEO for law firms provided above will help your firm rank better on Google Maps and boost your local web presence.

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