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We all want to look good at functions like kitty parties and many more. Various beauty deals help us to maintain our looks and provide a glow decently. Foundations of different shades help to improve our toning color. By applying it on our skin before the function can add value to our appearance.

How to apply the foundation?

Clean your face with warm water first. If you have oily skin, you need to clean your face using soap or face wash. After this rub your face with any cotton napkin. Now start applying foundation by gently massaging your facial skin or just use a foundation brush. Try to do it gently so the cream enters properly on the surface of the skin. Make sure to put on sufficient layers to make a better impact. This can help you to change your look and appearance.

How Colorpop Foundations are better than other products?

These foundations possess natural ingredients that are good for skin. Natural ingredients make it more reliable to use. Being natural it has no harmful ingredients, so it soothes skin and nourishes it. First, choose your product and add it to your buying cart. Apply the promo code if you’re having any of the promo codes. Now you can select the payment method. You can pay via online options or you can also choose COD which is cash on delivery option. Now confirm the address and order your desired product. You will get your products delivered in the next 15 days. Sometimes it may take 20 days to get delivered. We expect your patience during such situations.

This foundation helps to get better toning but it doesn’t harm your skin. The skin drops are filled by this foundation, which can last up to 12 hours and gives you a brighter look. It gives you an eye-catching look which can make you look outstanding in the entire group.

How many types of Colorpop Foundations are available in the market?

We all have different kinds of skins. Depending upon skin type, we need a different type of toning shade.

This brand has 12 different shades. You can choose according to your skin type. Some are a mixture of 2 tones and others are having the same kind of tone.

How to use this foundation with other beauty products?

This foundation will help you to beautify your facial skin. Along with this, you can also apply some eyelids, which will add charm to your eyes. You can also apply different shades of lipstick on your lips to look more attractive.

After applying this Fair 25 W foundation, you need to apply compact powder. We recommend you to use compact powder of the same company to get better results. You can also get a discount on the purchase of a combination of Compact Powder and Fair 25 W.

What are the side effects of this foundation?

Being a natural product, the Colorpop foundation has no side effects. You need to remove this foundation after the use. Don’t leave it on your face for a longer time.

You need to use makeup remover to remove the foundation and it will again give you clear skin. After that wash your face with water and soak it using a cotton napkin. You can also apply any natural body lotion if you feel that you’re having any sensitive skin.

Can I return my product?

Generally, we don’t take used products back until they’re broken while purchasing or they’ve crossed the expiry date. In such cases, you need to send a photo of getting a broken product and return us. For returning you need to visit our courier placed and you can submit it there. Once you’ve started using it, we can’t take it back.

We’ll replace you with the original product and if you’re not satisfied we can also give you cashback as customer’s satisfaction is our basic responsibility. Come to beauty deals now!


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