Do Nipple Clamps Hurt? And More FAQs
Do Nipple Clamps Hurt? And More FAQs

Have you ever tried with Nipple Clamps? May be not or may have. If not then try your game with clamps feels a different way of getting pleasure and if you enjoy pain then what are you waiting for.  Making love more seductively with lots of orgasm and extremities, this is the most preferred sex toy whether it a missionary love game or the bondage/discipline, or the sadism/masochism experience.

The main reason for being high demand of sexy nipple clamps to be in demand is that they are the only set of sex toys that are best suited for pain-play. From the term itself, it is clear that it involves pain, yes it does. And this is the fact behind, it is being loved by people most. It is one of the most practical sex toy delivering extreme erotic sensations as soon as they are placed on the boobs.

They are mainly focussed to create pain and make one receive pleasure through it, so it is actually depending on the pain bearing capacity of the players. If one enjoys being given more pressure than the choice is all yours, and if you want less then also it depends on one pain bearing capacity.  Sensitive depends on how sensitive your nipples are, and how long you keep them clamped, or they are accompanied by other pain play tools like spanking, whipping, or choking. As soon as the clamps are removed the pain also goes off with no aftereffects as such.

This is the only thing we look for in any of the gameplay whether be the BDSM or vanilla, so they are meant for. The feel-good factor is the main aim while using it. They can deliver extreme amounts of both pleasure and orgasm sometimes even without involving in any sex play being single or even playing with a partner without having any penetration. Wearing them feels amazing, as soon as the clamps are removed releasing a fast-flowing tide of blood into the body stimulating your genitalia letting you reach the peak of pleasure that one would love to enjoy, whether men or women. These clamps are equally beneficial for both. An erotic sensation is created when they are clamped on the nipples, as nipples are the centre of all the nerve endings, making it more sensitive with a direct connection to nerves thus stimulating your sex appeal.

They create a somewhat painful but fun-filled, amazing orgasmic experience, and create an exotic scene when they are removed. But sometimes it has been observed that they create numbness or tingly sensations on nipples, if things like this happen to you due to long-wearing of clamps or along rough game has made this. Remove the clamps and give your boobs fresh breathe, take a nice hot shower or bath to bring it back to sensations. Leave them free for two or three days before putting the clamps back again.

As it is a toy that mainly focuses on pleasure, an intense pleasure, that does not come up without any pain, it is incorporated with pain, the pain of love, filled with eroticism, excitement, and satisfaction for sure. Give yourself a new world of painful pleasure. It has been finding in the researches that those who used to hate playing with nipples as painful, now there is an open demand for clamps. Don’t hesitate to give yourself a path to explore your own body, find new erogenous zones of the body along with the nipple clamps, ones they have become comfortable add more article with increased pleasure and enjoy.


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