JP Power Share Price Target 2022, 2025, 2026, 2030

It is an electric utility sector that the company is. The company was started in 1994 by Jayaprakash Gowdaji, the chairman of this company. Its headquarters are located in Noida, India. However, this company is part of India’s major infrastructure group. Along with the JP Group electricity, businesses like real estate, civil engineering, construction, health, and care are also part of this group. The business of the company looks suitable for a short time. Due to the constant demand of the customer’s power, good profits were seen. As a result, the company is rapidly trying its best to increase its business power generation and power transmission. And at the same time, the company is also seen doing well in its quarter result.

As the company keeps presenting well in every result, you will see a tremendous jump in the share price. Talking about the short time of 2022, you get the share price first target of 7 rupees, and after that, you hold the second target of Rs 8.50.

JP Power Share Price Historical Data

If we talk about the share today (February 2022), then the price of one share of JP Power is running around Rs 9.00. If we talk about its maximum and least price, it was at 0.50 paise in March 2020, and in January 2008, it was also priced at Rs 137.10 per share (JP Power Highest Share Price Ever).

How much return has Jaiprakash Power given? (JP Power Share Price History)

If we talk about the returns of JP Power Share, then it has given only 215.79% returns in the last year. In the previous five years, if seen, 46.34% returns have been given. It has shown positive returns to its shareholders.

Jaiprakash Power Company’s Financial Track Record (JP Power Share Track Record)

If we talk about the company’s financial record, then in March 2020, its net profit was -2,214 crore, which has come to about 215 crore rupees in March 2021. Talking about the company’s total assets, in March 2020, the company’s total assets were 17,843 taxes, which was 16,993 in the year 2021. If you talk about Earning Per Share (2021), it is Rs 0.25.

JP Power Share Corporate Action : 

JP Power Share Divided history: The company had given dividends to its shareholders in 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2009. JP Power Share Price Bonus History: There are no bonus records available for this company.

JP Power Share Holdings: If we talk about the shareholdings, the FII of this company has 1.02%, DII has 23.28%, Public has 49.68%, and Pramotors has 26.02% shareholdings.

JP Power Peer Company’s: If we talk about the peer companies of this share, then there are companies like JSW Energy, Adani Power, Torrent Power, and Tata Power.

JP Power Share Price Target 2022, 2025, 2030

What will be the JP Power Share Price Target 2022?

The company has shown profit growth of up to 22.03% in the last five years.

If you talk about the target, then about JP power share price target 2022, it can be seen from about 10 to 11.50 marks.

JP Power share price target 2023

The company is constantly reducing its debt on itself. Due to this, a considerable part of the interest that has to be paid first has also been reduced. This will help the company grow its business more quickly than the profit share. However, the company’s businesses do not look so suited to the future. But due to some good news from time to time, they have full potential to give you good returns. By the way, it is better if you do not expect too much return. If you look at the first target price of JP power by 2023, the target is 10.20 rupees. If the first target is quickly interested, 12.20 rupees or for the target, you must hold it.

What will be the JP Power Share Price Target 2025?

Stocks are trading at 0.60 times their book value. You can think that you will invest in this stock after the proper correction for a short period. So if you talk about JP Power Share Price Target 2025, it can go up to about 13 to 14 rupees. In the coming days, it can give excellent returns.

What will be the JP Power Share Price Target 2030?

If you look at the company’s record for the last five years, it has shown a low sales growth rate of about -4.35%. Talking about the previous three years, the company has a return of -11.39% on equity. So the JP Power Share Price Target can go from 16 to 19 rupees by 2030.

Is JP Power Good to Invest in?

If we talk about promoters’ holdings, more than 87% of the shares are pledged by the shareholder. In the last three years, its shareholding has decreased (-3.84%), which is awful.

If you look at the time to come, the use of renewable energy and solar energy will increase, and if we talk about this company, then its future is not looking good. So if possible, think of investing in another company in this sector; if you are thinking of long-term investment

JP Power Stock from Future

In every way of the company, whether from the point of view of the fundamental or from the future of the business, one should not invest at all right now. The company gives a good jump in the share price due to the news in the short run. But to increase the share price in the long run, it is imperative to keep the profit growth with the business.

So if you have been trying to invest in this stock for a long time, it is better to stay away. You will find a lot of stocks that are running with the future business in the power sector. By investing in AC stock, you will earn excellent profits in the long run.


 In the future, if you have to earn well in the stock market, then, first of all, you should look at the business of the company instead of the share price. If you feel that the company can move forward in the industry, you should only invest in that stock. If you invest in JP Power with a view for a short period, you may earn good money. But looking at the future of this company’s business for a long time, good returns are not expected.

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