Online Therapy

Psychotherapy and Online Therapy

Online psychotherapy is a help for people who cannot appear in the office personally. The best solution is to use the services via the Internet.

If you suffer loneliness, your loved ones have disappointed you or they have run out of ideas for helping, you need advice, support, help in making an important life decision – give yourself a chance and talk to an online psychologist.

Conversations with an online psychologist are a very common form of psychological consultation. Many people seek such help, because overloading with duties, the pace of life, or having small children are an obstacle to personal meetings with a specialist

Anonymity is an important benefit for people who particularly care about confidentiality, mainly because of their job position or social function. So if you have similar problems, contact an online specialist today. At SELF Friendly Therapies, you’ll get the right tips and professional help. On-line psychological assistance may take the form of crisis intervention, coaching, psychological counseling or psychotherapy. The first meeting with a psychologist is a consultation and it helps to determine the most adequate form of psychological help. If you want to learn more about how we work, look at the “Team” tab. In the profile of each therapist you will find a few words about their approach to work, the therapeutic trend or how to look at therapy in human life.

Best Online Psychologist

An online psychologist  is a good solution for people whose fear of personal meeting and problems with open talk about embarrassing or intimate experiences discourage direct meeting. It is sometimes the only source of help for extreme introverts, people affected by depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or anxiety neurosis.

Do you sometimes experience an unpleasant emotional state accompanied by uncertainty, a feeling of tension and a lack of sense of security? Anxiety can effectively hinder everyday functioning.

This state of tension, living in readiness for the coming threat is a danger to our mental health. Symptoms of chronic anxiety include discomfort, mood swings, uncertainty, physical pain, cardiovascular problems, and excessive sweating. The consequence of not treating anxiety can be depression and suicidal thoughts. In these states, we usually shun people.

Depressions and anxiety neurosis are very popular nowadays diseases of emotions that lock people in the walls of their apartments. In cases where leaving home becomes an impossible challenge, contacting an online psychologist may be the only source of help to protect against a nervous breakdown.

Online consultation is also a good way of learning about relationships with children for parents who are struggling with upbringing problems. It is well known that most parents have good intentions in contact with their children, but patterns taken from families of origin often prevent the development of healthy solutions in dealing with children. In a word, we repeat the same mistakes that our parents didn’t like. In consultations with a child or youth psychologist online you have the chance to consult your own ideas and educational dilemmas

If you would like to learn more about yourself as a parent, learn how your behavior affects your child and modify it so that your relationship with your child improves – make an appointment for an online consultation.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. You can always count on our online psychotherapists.

Online Psychological Help

The best online psychologist will find each of you, if only because we have a wide range of psychotherapists – interesting personalities, women of all ages, with different therapeutic experience and a range of therapeutic tools and techniques. Online psychological help is considered as professional and effective as stationary help.

With this in mind, we offer you an online form of assistance; via Skype and other messengers, and by phone. Meeting with our psychologists ensures anonymity and privacy to the client. If you do not want to – you do not have to provide your personal data. In a private institution this is not necessary.

Bottom line: online therapy has benefits such as:

  • full anonymity
  • secrecy
  • safety and comfort in the comfort of your own home
  • reduction of travel time and costs

Online Child Psychologist

Online psychological help also works well when working with young people, especially when there is no possibility to continue working as stationary meetings. However, the use of this form of work in the therapeutic / diagnostic process of children can be only supportive. This means that it can be used only in the case of educational consultations, which are an indispensable part of the child’s therapeutic process.

Internet Therapy and Psychological Assistance

Online psychological help allows you to work on most of the problems that customers report to stationary meetings. Thus, the form of contact – an Internet messenger, is the only difference experienced in the therapeutic process.

We help with problems such as reduced self-esteem, life crisis, burnout, emotional problems, relationship difficulties, sexual problems, addiction or co-addiction, stress.

Psychotherapist and Online Sexologist

Psychological help through instant messengers allows you to conduct a diagnostic or therapeutic process also in the field of sexological problems. Therefore, if you experience problems in sexual life, please use the help of our sexologist.

Online psychologist. Price list

The price of on-line therapy sessions does not differ from the prices of meetings that take place in the office. The cost depends on the therapist selected from our team. Prices are set by therapists individually – reflecting the therapist’s experience, education and subjectively perceived trends on the psychological services market.


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