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Good oral hygiene education is essential for kids to build healthy habits which can last through their adulthood. Teach your children how and when to brush their teeth. As a teacher or a parent, you have the role of ensuring that the kids understand the concept of Oral Hygiene.

Taking Your Dental Check-Up

Take your kids to your dentist for a regular dental check-up. You should introduce them to the routine six months after the emergence of the first tooth. This helps the dentist to examine and determine their teeth development. It also helps the children to familiarize themselves with the dentist. A good dentist will keep your kids entertained and make their experience lively and welcoming. If you realize your child has any dental issue or their teeth are not well aligned, visit Utah oral surgeon for rectification.

Teach Them Good Oral Hygiene

Teach your children the importance of keeping their teeth clean at an early stage. Good oral care for your children should start before the first teeth appear. It is recommended that parents should wipe their children’s gum with a cloth or baby brush; they should not use toothpaste. Immediately the first tooth appears parent should brush it twice a day with a soft toothbrush and non fluoridated toothpaste. When children are two years or older, you should introduce fluoride toothpaste to prevent your teeth from decay. Encourage them to brush their teeth and follow up if they have done it correctly. If your child does not like brushing their teeth, get creative and make it fun. You can brush together or make them a brushing song.

Lead By Example

Show your kids how to maintain oral health by keeping yours healthy. Brush your teeth religiously, and make sure they watch as you do it so that they can learn from you.

Reward Good Dental Habits

Reward your child if you see them practice proper dental hygiene. You can give a star if your child can brush twice a day. Avoid giving your children sugary treats as a reward and explain to them why. You can also commend them if they achieve clean teeth after brushing.

Get Them a Special Brush

Another way to keep your children interested in maintaining good oral hygiene is by introducing a new and fun toothbrush. You can replace the old brush with a colored to make it attractive to your child. You can also get them a brush with an image of the favorite.

Read Books And Watch A Video.

You can read kids’ books to explain to your child why dental care habits are essential. Children also learn quickly by seeing you can show them fun videos on Dental Hygiene. Stories and videos are great for teaching your kids the importance of proper dental hygiene and the best way of achieving it. The kids can relate to the video.

Teach Your Children about Healthy Foods

Our diet plays a crucial role in our dental hygiene teaches them the right food to eat to avoid dental diseases. You can demonstrate to them how sugar encourages plague build-up by using a plague attack experiment. If the kids see the impact of sugary food, they will tend to avoid them. Please encourage them to chew crunchy vegetables instead of sugary candies.


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