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Do we know that mental health is the most under hyped health issue right now? Yes! We know about it but, do we really know about it? Do we know how can we help him/her in the simplest ways? What if you have just shifted to Cyprus and you don’t know where can you find a doctor to consult about your/your loved ones mental health. We suggest you checkout healthcare in Cyprus.

Here are some points which if you see happening with you or anybody else, you should immediately visit a doctor:

1. Mood Fluctuation:

You might think that what is so bad in mood fluctuation? Everybody has them, them, correct! Everybody has them and everybody comes out of it but, a person having this issue will not be able to just snap out of it, when having mood swings they have difficulty doing the basic things like not being able to eat food, etc.

According to WHO’s world mental health survey consortium, mood disorders are the second most prevalent disorder of all mental disorders.

2. Self Harm:

This is one of the most dangerous symptoms that people with this issue face. Sometimes, when in life things don’t happen according to us we feel bad about for some hours or some days and we come out of it. But, a person facing such issues might not feel the same, they cannot handle pain and often want to end their life or harm themselves.

3. Disturbed Sleep and Appetite:

All of us sometimes eat excessively more or just don’t feel like eating at all, sometimes sleep all day or don’t feel like sleeping at all. We do it occasionally but, a person facing mental health problem might not do it sometimes instead they do it on a regular basis some might not be able to sleep at all or just want sleep all the time, some might not want to eat at all or want to eat all the time.

If you can relate this with yourself someone you know who might be facing such issues please visit Cyprus hospitals recommended by the platform called Know Your Doctor.

This platform was started in 2015, for people like us who don’t know when and which doctor to visit. This is an extremely reliable and reputed platform for all the health related issues. If you are someone facing any mental health issues please talk to someone about it or visit this platform.

About Know Your Doctor:

Know Your Doctor is a leading platform where you can find Cyprus health anytime.

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