There are various types of treatments for cancer. One of the most common treatments for cancer includes Chemotherapy. These therapies and sometimes be very expensive as well as ineffective. But there are some tests which indicate that with a high dosage of vitamin C with the ongoing cancer treatment will be having a better outcome on the patients. Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling was the first one to find out the benefits of vitamin C for treating cancer patients. In recent studies, there have been various finding on the combined effect of conventional treatments and vitamin C. In the results; it was shown that the people who took the combined treatment were showing a slower progression of the disease and were facing fewer symptoms of cancer as compared to earlier.

According to some studies, for colorectal cancer, this iv vitamin therapy has been very useful. The vitamin C is going to trick the cancer cells into killing themselves. This vitamin C will be entering into the malignant cells preparing an attack on the stress caused in the cells. The cancer cells, as a result, will burn out and die. What is great for cancer patients is that these new techniques to cure cancer will be providing the cancer patients with the longevity, that the conventional treatments might not be able to survive. But the one thing that you must keep in mind is that these benefits cannot be obtained from orally consuming the Vitamin C. Pauling became the 1st one to make the use of vitamin C in the modern medicine.


How does the IV Vitamin therapy works:

Vitamin C can also help in maximizing the body’s immune system and can also help in repairing the tissues. IV vitamin therapy is the only way to go when it comes to treating cancer effectively. Based on some of the laboratory studies, Vitamin C is very useful and capable of slowing down the growth of cancer cells in areas like colon, pancreas, liver, and prostate. In both animals as well as humans, the research has shown IV vitamin C therapy can help in blocking the growth of tumor cells, leading to an improvement in the quality of life of the patient.

There is no proper evidence which can state that vitamin C is very useful in treating cancer or curing cancer completely. But according to the studies, it is capable of boosting the various other conventional cancer treatments such as radiation therapy and Chemotherapy. There is a substantial effect of vitamin c on cancer patients. In some studies, iv vitamin therapy was very useful in decreasing the side effects of certain treatments of cancer, when those treatments were combined with a high dosage of vitamin C.

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