Clear Liquid Diet

Today’s life of an individual is full of stress and exertion due to job, workloads, and the professional life. We can’t give the proper time to look after our health. Due to this many people are gaining weight, which in turn affects health and results in many health problems.

Today’s this article is about the plan by which we can lose weight. This plan is the “Clear Liquid Diet” plan. You can imagine as the name itself says it’s only a liquid diet plan. It’s like maximum you need to have liquid form food in your daily diet. So let’s see what is it exactly.

Liquid Diet

A clear liquid diet resembles that you need to have clear liquid in your diet. This can be water, plain gelatin and stock, and also vegetable juices, like spinach. Liquid diets are easy for the digestive system and also a good source of calories, electrolytes, and water. It helps posses enough water to the body and avoids the lack of hydration. A liquid diet should be taken under the specialist’s instructions only.

The liquid diet plans are the programs by nutritionists, in which you need to take intake of some liquid in diet, or most liquids in diet or all the liquids in the diet which can fulfill your calories in the body, rather than the solid foods.

Reasons why liquid diet

For most of the medical tests it is recommended to have some liquid consumption before the test is to be conducted. This concludes that there should be no nourishment in your stomach or digestive organs before the tests to be done. For example, the test of endoscopy for the stomach.

The clear liquid diet keeps the hydration of our body proper, and also gives proper electrolytes like, sodium and potassium. The clear liquid diet consists of the following enriched nutrients.

  • Water – plain or carbonated, like soda.
  • Natural fruit juices for example orange, lime or grapes (with its pulp)
  • Carbonated soft drinks or beverages like, cola.
  • Gelatin (Jell-O)
  • Tea or coffee without milk.
  • Fresh vegetables juices.

Clear Liquid Diet (Thrice a day)

If a person is following the clear liquid diet, then the menu should be as follow :

  • Breakfast
    • 1 glass of organic fruit juice with pulp.
    • Gelatine (Jell-O) 1 bowl.
    • Tea or coffee 1 cup without milk or milk products.
    • Detox juices or drinks or tea.
  • Lunch
    • Water
    • Fresh organic fruit juices with pulp and nectars.
    • Plain ice-cream or yogurt.
    • Fruit ice and popsicles
    • Soda drinks like ginger aid or sprite
    • Gelatin (Jell-O)
    • Butter, margarine, oil or custard or pudding
  • Dinner

Again in dinner same liquid consumptions can be taken which are in breakfast or lunch. And blow as well :

  • Fresh vegetable juices
  • Popsicles and cola
  • Milk or other milk products or dairy products.

Conclusion: In this article I tried to explain the benefits of a clear liquid diet as well which liquids should be consumed properly in breakfast, lunch, and dinner respectively. Consumption of only a clear liquid diet will help to lose weight. But this clear liquid diet plan should be followed under the instructions of your physician or nutritionist.


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