Shiny hair with a smooth texture and no dandruff with zero split ends is still a dream for many. Having healthy hair is so great that it makes you feel and look beautiful. If your hair looks beautiful, you feel confident at the same time. A good hair day is a good mood. Hair is one of the most flimsy body parts that demands great attention. Today half of the adult population is facing dandruff issues. It is a condition that makes flaky itchy scalp to appear. The exact cause of how people develop dandruff is still unknown. But it is known that it is not caused by the hygiene.

Nowadays, everyone is so conscious about their health and looks that they want the best in everything. A healthy diet contributes to healthy hair. So everyone is after new products and after trying when they don’t get the desired results they feel disappointed. Dandruff is common nowadays but it makes one feel embarrassed and lose confidence. Sometimes it becomes difficult to treat because of the use of inappropriate hair products and in severe cases; one has to consult a doctor. Medicated anti-dandruff shampoo is available to treat the dandruff present in hair. It is a formulation of ketoconazole which helps in preventing the formation of fungal cells and thus stops fungal growth. Also, there are some home remedies to treat dandruff as mentioned below:

  • Coconut oil: You should keep your scalp moisturized by applying the oil directly on your scalp; it will soothe an itchy scalp. The drier the scalp, the itchier it is.
  • Washing your hair more often: To keep your scalp clean you should wash regularly. And if you have oily hair and scalp, wash it daily as it also leads to many skin problems like acne.
  • Aloe Vera: It is a natural gel moisturizer and works excellent to remove dryness on the scalp. Aloe Vera gel contains some powerful antiseptic properties which will clear the bacteria responsible for causing dandruff.
  • Baking soda: Apart from being an antibacterial, baking soda is also an antifungal agent.It helps to regain the natural moisturizer balance of the scalp.
  • Onion juice: It has antiseptic and antibacterial characteristics that assist to fight dandruff. It is a natural nourisher and conditioner.
  • Tea tree oil: This versatile oil treats dandruff. For effective results mix tea tree oil and baking soda.
  • Healthy diet: Avoid eating oily food. Reduce the intake of bad fats such as chocolates or dairy products. Eat foods with vitamin B and green vegetables, proteins.

The wide range of products like shampoos, creams, tablets, and all these products help in killing yeast and fungi. By using good anti-dandruff products several hair problems can be treated. Various shampoos are available in the markets which are used for treating dandruff. The good shampoo also ensures that your scalp has the right amount of oil and your hair recover its strength. Best medicated anti-dandruff lotion is availablethat it can be bought by anyone from the market or from online website.

Say goodbye to dandruff and other skin problems with home remedies and using the best quality hair products.


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