Google Maverick Update

What is going on? Again, three times in about a week, we are seeing increase chatter and the tools are lighting up around a Google search ranking algorithm update. Yesterday morning the chatter once again spiked up and also many of the tools are showing huge fluctuations in the Google rankings.

Update note on the name: On Friday, Brett Tabke of WebmasterWorld named this update “Update Maverick” he said “Update Maverick (in honor of yesterdays Top Gun trailer release). Because this update looks a bit stealthy and precise. However, all the major algo tools are reporting an update has occurred.” Personally, I am not a huge fan of naming an update for a movie, would have preferred something around the 50th anniversary of the moon landing but hey – Google had their opportunity to name it and they didn’t get back to me after numerous attempts.

Here is some of the new chatter in WebmasterWorld:


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