Tokyo Sukiyaki-tei

A healthy meal, carefully prepared and full of flavor. This is sushi, a highly revered food in Japan that has been in vogue in Europe for no more than 30 years (despite the fact that London’s first sushi restaurant opened in 1884). And it is that sushi is much more than raw fish. It is a way of preparing rice accompanied by fish or even other ingredients such as vegetables, eggs or meat. we tell you which are the best restaurants in the British capital to taste the tastiest sushi.

Top 5 Japanese restaurants in London

  1. Arigato Dining

Having the pleasure of tasting a good plate of sushi does not have to go hand in hand with doing it in an elegant and expensive setting. This is demonstrated by Sushi Waka, a modest and informal place in the 1 Bridge Street, Newbury, Berkshire. This place serves quality sushi at a reasonable price. A box with several pieces of assorted sushi with lot of happiness.


Japan and Peru are thousands of miles apart, but they have more in common than you might think. When Japanese immigrants first arrived in the South American country in the 19th century, they discovered a mutual love for raw fish, leading to the creation of Nikkei fusion cuisine. This restaurant makes new dishes every day that show its love for food. This restaurant is situated in 1 Bournemouth Road, Poole, Dorset.

  1. Tokyo Sukiyaki-tei

Japanese cuisine is not all sushi. This is why this restaurant is based on mixing sushi with many other delicious dishes. If all these names seem strange to you, it is best to come and try it. This restaurant is situated in 85 Sloane Ave, Chelsea, London.  It opens every day at 12:30pm~10:30pm ( Tuesday to Sunday), for moday (5 p.m.) Lunch CLosed & also you can order for takeaway.

  1. K10 (Minster Court)

Fifteen years after it opened, this Knightsbridge-area restaurant attracts thousands of sushi lovers every year. The food is izakaya style, but with a more exclusive twist. The price is higher, but you can’t miss their spider maki with crab and chili mayonnaise. This place is world famous and its pieces are made by the best sushi chefs in the city. This Restaurant is situated in 2 Mincing Lane, 3 Minster Court, Fenchurch Street, London

  1. Tonkotsu Bankside

The Tonkotsu Bankside, this restaurant is located in 4 Canvey Street, Southwark, London for every Japanese food lovers. Furthermore, its decoration makes it the most intagramer restaurant in London. So much so that you will feel like in Italy. Also, their menu includes their Katsu curry and ramen also add a little extra somethin’-somethin’ to your ramen. Also, if after all this you still have room, delight yourself with Hiyashi Ramen Salad.


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