Hey readers, today, we are talking about the most underrated topic, Indian Rappers. Indian rapping community is a continuously growing community and artists from all over the country try their best to shine in the industry. There are many Independent circle Indian rappers who have millions of following because people love to listen to their content and appreciate their work. They didn’t get support from any production house but they have made their name on YouTube and gained popularity on their own. Rapping is an art in which the rapper present his inner voice and thoughts in the form of rap or in a lyrical way. Well, rapping is not an Indian art, it is from western culture but still the evolution of Indian rapping community deserves fame and popularity.

First Big Introduction of Indian Rapping Community

You are well aware with the 2020’s Filmfare award for Best Movie went to “Gully Boy”. Which is a great movie at all and this was the first movie to promote the Indian Rapping Community. If you have watched the movie then I am here to rise up your interest more towards desi hip hop and Indian Rapping Community. At the Youtube channel, “Hattke” you can know more about the Indian Rappers who are best in their genre but are underrated. You might know about Emiway, Dino James, Divine and many other who are self creator and build their image among us. But if you are a true lover of Indian raps and love to listen to them then you are suggested to watch the video named “Top 10 Underground Rappers” on the YouTube channel Hattke.

In this video, the anchor of the channel, Govind Bisht introduces top 10 rappers in India and explain you their stories and hardwork to reach the success how they have achieved their milestone to come up in the list of top 10 underground rappers India, which is quite interesting to know about your rapper. Inthis video, you will get familiar with some awesome Indian rappers counting in MC Stan, King, Raga, Muhfaad, Fotty Seven, Mr. Bali, Karma, M Zee Bella, Seedhe Maut and Dee MC. All of these rap artists are great rappers and you will love to play their songs in your car with full-on bass.

About Hattke YouTube Channel

Hattke is a YouTube channel, in which the anchor Govind Bisht, brings awesome videos on Modern Indian music industry. As the name is “Hattke” their work is of course out of the box. These songs come from an alternate world of the music industry we know, yes Bollywood. With such interesting music videos of underrated creators and musicians, Hattke has gained a lot of popularity over YouTube and about to cross 1M subs count. With their new genre of videos in Hattke Top 10 series, this channel offers the knowledge of best 10 songs, rappers, singers and other music related videos with us. Where the world is messing around in Starlight of Bollywood, Hattke serves us the real talent and creations of self-born music artists.


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