CCNA certification is highly sought after by network professionals for a reason – employers recognise its value. This value is due to a couple of factors. First, Cisco’s networking products are some of the most popular products used by companies worldwide. An even bigger reason is the certification process itself. Many CCNA certification holders tell us that it is one of the most difficult exams they have ever taken. To become certified, a person must achieve a certain level of proficiency with Cisco’s networking products.

Since the CCNA exam is quite challenging, many candidates choose to take the CCNA training to prepare for it. With courses offered by providers across the country, you can find some of the best CCNA training courses available in the course list above.

What will you learn during your CCNA certification training?

During CCNA training, you will naturally learn topics that are likely to be included in the CCNA exam. According to Cisco, these topics include:

  • Network Basics
  • LAN switching techniques
  • Routing techniques
  • WAN technologies
  • Infrastructure services
  • Infrastructure security
  • Infrastructure Management

In addition to learning these topics, the best CCNA training courses also teach you how to succeed on the actual exam. This often means that participants learn the style in which exam questions are presented.

In addition to this, most CCNA training courses include hands-on training in a virtual or physical laboratory environment where participants can practice exam concepts in a practical way. Since this practice software can be expensive on its own, taking the included course can be a huge bonus. Be sure to ask the provider what their course includes to find the best course for your money.

CCNA certification requirements

There are no formal prerequisites for the CCNA. That being said, many certification candidates choose to obtain Cisco’s Routing and Switching Certification (CCENT) before moving on to Associate-level (CCNA) certification. This makes a lot of sense, not only because you can gradually build up your knowledge, but also because the test to obtain CCENT certification is one of the options for CCNA certification.

You can earn your CCNA certification by choosing from the following exam options:

200-125 CCNA exam only.

Both the 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2 exams.

The second of these options means that you will receive the CCENT certificate before you receive the full CCNA certification in Dubai. This means that you can study in stages and do not have to learn all the concepts at once.

This option is usually more attractive to applicants who are newcomers to the online industry. It means that you will get a networking certificate more quickly, even if it is a lower level certificate.

Those already familiar with networking can choose to complete all their studies at once, so that they only need to take one, more intensive exam.

Maintaining CCNA certification

Another factor that makes employers respect CCNA certification is the frequent re-testing required to maintain certification. Unlike some certifications that last indefinitely, the CCNA certification is valid for only three years before new tests are required.

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While this can be a huge pain for those who have completed the certification, it is a guarantee of competence for employers. They know that their CCNA-trained employees are up to date with the latest technology in the networking industry, because they have to be!

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If you choose CCNA training as part of your certification journey, your training provider can help you find your next step, whether it’s retaking the associate level exam in three years or moving up to the specialist or expert level.

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