The position of a CLO is not known to many people as it is a new inclusion to the C-suite. It is a position that has been recently introduced to organizations for handling tasks related to learning, budget, and goals.

Steve Kerr was the first person to be offered the post of a CLO at GE in the years 1990. Since then, many organizations have been hiring professionals to play the role of a chief learning officer. And huge companies like Citigroup, Bank of America and HP are also among such organizations.

Employees these days are increasingly becoming particular about their professional development and wish to seek continuous knowledge. This is why the position of a chief learning officer is really high in demand.

It is believed that almost 160 Billion Dollars are spent yearly on training & development. So, it is obvious that organizations now want to make sure that all of that money is going to be used smartly. And therefore a Chief Learning Officer is a must for every organization that is concerned about the professional development of their employees.

What is the role played by top chief learning officers worldwide?

It has become common for organizations nowadays to arrange training and education programs for their employees. A chief learning officer is given the responsibility of managing such projects on a micro as well as macro level.

The training sessions could be related to anything, whether they are arranged to provide education to the employees with regards to the company policies, impart the knowledge of a new technology, or make them well versed with the skills required to excel in the organization. CLOs prepare procedures and execute strategies that have to work perfectly for the staff members.

However, their job is not limited to just creating education & training schedules but also are also required to ensure that all of that works well. And to do so, they keep a close check on the methods as well as platforms that are used for providing training. Furthermore, they make sure that they always stay connected to the managers along with the C-suite executives.

Employee engagement is closely related to training and development, so it is essential for a CLO to be able to comprehend both. They are so much involved in the engagement of employees that sometimes they are also referred to as Chief Engagement Officers. The engagement levels of an organization’s employees are highly dependent on the performance of it chief learning officer.

Should you hire a CLO for your organization?

Every organization needs a CLO and as a matter of fact most organizations have one professional operating as a CLO, however, most of the times, they lack this title.

In smaller companies, it is the HR who is responsible for managing things related to education and training. Although, when the size of an organization gets bigger, it begins to need a professional who is absolutely dedicated as well as focused on creating strategies for training and development of the employees.


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