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The IELTS exam is a standardized test that evaluates your potential & capability in reading, writing, listening, and speaking of the English language. It is very important to understand the test format, so take 1-2 days to understand the format of the test and subject.

It is advisable to go for IELTS coaching to crack the exam on the first attempt. The score secured in an IELTS academic exam is called a band score. It is observed that the students generally take 4-6 weeks to prepare for IELTS exam.

It is also recommended that a student should focus on the basics of grammar, speed of reading, plan of action for preparation, and practice writing essays through proper IELTS coaching. Each and every section of the IELTS is different, so you need to understand all the sections completely & thoroughly.

How much time does it take to get prepared for IELTS Academic?

There is no specific answer to this question, as it totally depends on an individual’s learning and grasping abilities, how quickly an individual understands things, and what preparation schedule he/she follows. It is really difficult to tell the exact time duration to get prepared for an IELTS exam. To really understand the time it will be going to take for you depends on your confidence as well.

Regular practice & time management is the only available answer to the question i.e. how much time does it takes to prepare for IELTS. So if an individual commits much time in the preparation of the IELTS test then surely he/she can attain the required band score.

It is important to get a hold of the English language first and then only start preparing.

1 How long does it take to prepare for IELTS academic with the best institute?

When you prepare for IELTS exam, some points will determine the time that an individual will take to get prepared –

  1. Take time before taking up an IELTS exam date

One must have enough time to get prepared for the IELTS exam. A student needs to take the time to decide the exam date. Generally, five weeks are sufficient to get prepared for the IELTS exam. But again preparation time for every individual may be different.

  1. Take IELTS coaching

Taking IELTS coaching is always recommended to clear the exam on the first attempt. Classes for the IELTS exam may help you in understanding things very fast and a good counselor can guide you better. This will save time by helping a person to avoid studying unnecessary stuff and one can also avoid making common mistakes in the test. An individual needs to be very vigilant when choosing the IELTS coaching institute because if you choose the wrong institute then it will not just waste your time but also confuse you.

  1. Plan of action (Writing)

When you prepare for IELTS exam, the writing part is considered to be a difficult section. Under this section, you need to answer 2 questions, task 1 & task 2. Task 1 is 150 words for which you have 20 minutes, you will be provided a bar graph, pie chart, image, map, etc. For task 2 there is a 250 words essay writing for which you have 40 minutes, a topic will be given to write on.

  1. Work on your grammar

Reading is advisable to enhance your grammar skills. When a person reads, he/she strengthens the right grammar in their mind. Great importance is emphasized on using the right English language. Try to use casual, friendly, & conversational words and expressions.

1 How long does it take to prepare for IELTS academic with the best institute?

  1. Analyze your present level of English skills

Every person is different from another person and thus the preparation time will vary accordingly. A person needs to evaluate and understand his/her level of language skills. Someone more familiar with the English language may take less time to prepare for the test whereas the one who is not good with English may take more time to prepare for the same test.

  1. Trace your progression

It is always good to keep track of your progress, consider your weak points, and check your performance. Evaluate your practice tests and try to find out the mistakes. There is a possibility of having difficulty in understanding certain things, then you can take help from the professionals. Refer to study materials to prepare for IELTS exam.

  1. Practice test

Practice makes a person perfect and it is very important for any kind of examination. Regular practice is needed to achieve the required band score in an IELTS exam. There are so many mock tests, try to practice them, and evaluate your work & performance, this will help you in knowing your weak and strong points. Regular practice can reduce your time of preparation. Practice as much as possible.

  1. Focus on each section

There are four sections of the exam and equal focus on each section is important because a specific time duration for each section is given. And time management is an important aspect of the exam, continuous & regular practice of all the sections can lead to the desired outcome in an IELTS test. The reading test is like a conversation so focus on this by having formal & informal conversations with your friend. Listening to podcasts can increase your vocabulary and hence will give you benefit at the time of your test.


So if you have come to this part of the article then it can be supposed that you must have understood that there is no specific period for the preparation of an IELTS exam.

Usually, students who have done their schooling from an English medium school take less time to prepare for an IELTS exam due to familiarization with the English language, whereas students who are from a Hindi medium school take more time to prepare. Depending on this and other factors discussed above, an individual takes his/her own time to get prepared.

Include enough practice in your preparation time, watch English series with subtitles, and prefer listening to English songs, reading an English book is highly advisable.


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