Gift items are purchased massively by people all over the world to impress their loved ones. This industry is continuously seeing changes in the variety of elegant products. Therefore modernizing the custom gift boxes according to the latest trends is also important to get noticed by buyers.

Competition has been raised too much in this industry, and only those brands will survive that know that how to go with the flow. There are several types of trends that can bring innovation in the packaging for your gift items business if used creatively. Here are some of those necessary trends to follow in the year 2021 for your gift packaging.

Sustainable Materials Usage

From the various ongoing trends that are under discussion, sustainability is the most debated and widely adopted trend all over the world. It is a hot topic because of the impacts of rapidly increasing pollution. Land pollution is increasing by the usage of toxic materials in the packaging.

Therefore, you need to adopt the policy of sustainable material usage that has no impact on the environment. The raw material for green or sustainable packaging is obtained from organic substances that have no involvement of the materials like plastic of any kind. For this purpose, corrugated cardboard material is manufactured using cornstarch, mushrooms, bamboo pulp, seaweed, or some other useful substances.

These substances are also minimizing deforestation being an alternative to wood pulp. Buyers love to buy gift items packaged in such green solutions.

Vintage Unboxing Experience

While unboxing is the most surprising and impressive stage of taking the products out, so it is given special attention. Along with the modern strategies, some old-fashioned techniques are also becoming trending again. Vintage unboxing of the products is such a technique that people are loving. People of generation Z and millennials love to connect with them reminiscent of their childhood.

This is adopted by some brands for the past few years, but it is going to hit differently this year in 2021. This nostalgia provides people an opportunity to connect with their past and remembering those times. The sleeve box design is such a vintage design that it is becoming popular again and is being used in almost every industry. It also includes the artwork and old-fashioned design.

Embellishments for Presentation

One reason behind the popularity of custom gift boxes is their ability to add value to the items sheathed inside them. Various types of embellishing options are the vital reason behind their engaging looks. Visually appealing boxes can certainly grab the attention of customers in the retail stores.
Some most engaging embellishing options that you can use are the finishing materials for lamination and coating, beautiful add-ons to attach over their top, and the use of hot foil stamping for engaging design patterns.
Similarly, gloss, matte, and other UV coatings make their surface glossy and preserve the print from influencing factors. Hot foil stamping and foiling create breath-taking design patterns that increase the visibility of items in retail stores.

Themed Packaging Design

Packaging design has a vital factor that boosts the sales of products. Thematic design for these boxes is very popular nowadays. Firms set their design layout according to the ongoing popular events to utilize them as a marketing opportunity. Some most popular events on which people give their boxes a special appearance are Christmas, New Year and Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or other occasional events.
People buy a lot of items at such events to gift each other. They often give preference to those having the theme according to those ongoing events. It is a perfect marketing technique as well to get more sales.

Revealing Packaging

This trend has become super-hot to attract customers of every age and gender. It is nothing else than packaging with a see-through window that makes it possible for the buyers to have a glance at the items sheathed inside. Buyers are usually too conscious to know that what they are paying for in the retail stores.
They have some expectations with the brands, and if they do not meet their expectations, then the trust of buyers in those brands is reduced. These window panes are incorporated in the front walls of the boxes or at the lid top. A completely transparent sheet is used in different colors so that buyers could see the items without taking them out. This factor also reduces their time for making a purchase decision.

Soft Colors and Typography

The use of soft, appealing colors and attractive typography are modern trends to add charm to the packaging. Striking colors have the ability to attract customers on their entrance into the retail stores. Brands make their gift items stand out in a bunch of similar items by using some catchy colors. However, it is essential to avoid the usage of too much bright or pale colors. There must be a balanced mix of both of them in the background and the displayed content.

Typography is another trend that always comes along with the prior discussed trend. Printing the promotional text using some attractive fonts looks quite fantastic and makes the displayed content influential for the marketing.

These trends make sure that your gift items should become the top priority of every buyer. Providing such innovative packaging solutions for the items will connect the customers emotionally with your brand as loyal buyers.


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