tractors for sale
tractors for sale

Are you in search of a tractor that would save you from the hustles of farmland? Understanding some of the key options and features of the vehicle can be quite confusing. But worry no more, as this article explains the fundamental features of tractors for sale, focusing on their role in day-to-day farming activities and why emphasizing on them can be the difference between stressful and happy farming experience.

The Important Standards of Tractors for Sale

There are five important standards of tractors that you should be aware of and these are enlisted below:

  • Diesel Engine: The diesel engines can be more efficient and powerful than that of gas engines and this is because such engines can generate a great amount of torque and turn out to be quite durable too. Torque refers to the strength of the engine to move against the force of work.
  • Gear Transmission: The transmission of tractors for sale is like that of a manual car, where the driver must shift the gears on his own. The number that precedes the type of transmission tells how many reverse or forward gears must be taken. For example, if the value is 12 X 12 then the tractor can provide 12 reverses and 12 forward gears.
  • Three-point hitch: Those tractors that are equipped with category 1 three-point hitch come with a triangular hydraulic system and this gives you the scope to hook the essential attachments into them. The side arms present in them are known as draft links that perform pulling and lifting operations, while the top of the arm is denoted as central link meant for controlling the angle. The hitch is capable of lifting attachments and thus prevents them for damaging the surface of the land.
  • Power Take-off: These are the rotating shafts of the tractors that are meant for powering the mechanize attachments, while the tractor stands at one place. These get their source of energy from engines which are usually installed at the rear end of the tractors.
  • Drawbar: The drawback that you see in tractors for sale is nothing but a hitch that is meant to connect the body or frame of the tractor and is used for pulling wagon or cart. These are often used either while harvesting or cultivating the farmlands.

Besides these standard features that are must in tractors available for sale, there are some other optional features too that can be selected as per the preferences that you have. 

Know More about the Optional Features of Tractors for Sale

Though there are many optional features that can be introduced in tractor for sale, but here are the popular ones amongst them:

  • Chain Harrow: This is a great tool that can be beneficial for dragging the area into a uniform and smooth level. You can combine this attachment along with a mower that would mow out the pasture grass and clear out unwanted weeds to make the land perfect for leveling.
  • Snow Blower: The snow blower is used along with the front loader and is meant to clear the path that is covered with heavy snow. Along with this you can have a box scraper that would move out light snow too.
  • Wagon and Cart: This is an invaluable accessory of the tractors for sale, as it allows them to move items from one point to another effortlessly. If you don’t have them then you would probably have to haul the items in bags and then transport them manually which would make the entire process quite troublesome.


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