In today’s life where threatening and hacking are increasing day by day, people make security of anything as their top priority. Everyone wants to secure their family and network by giving them top-class security without any fear of hacking. Netgear WiFi extender setup works for you in the same way by providing you safety of your WiFi with a valuable IP address.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of Netgear WiFi extender setup, you have to take care of the following:

  • Set your router free to meet its needs with your new extender setup.
  • Always wait for the power light on both of your devices to turn solid green.
  • Use a good Ethernet cable in a well-running condition.


  • A safe network.
  • Do not let hackers to enter or access your WiFi.
  • Keep the reach out of third-party devices.
  • Shock resistance in a beautiful design.
  • Parental control and guest access. In both the cases, it sets the limit of data usage and alerts if anybody goes beyond it.
  • Works for you even in the area mentioned as dead zones.
  • No third party devices or metal appliances can become a barrier in the speed of your Internet access.
  • Taking care of electricity, connect your extender, router and the computer with each other with the help of two Ethernet cable and proceed forward.

Netgear Genie Setup: Provide you the desired solution

Netgear genie setup provides you the ultimate solution for your Netgear WiFi extender setup. Netgear Genie is the most powerful app that can run on both of your wired and wireless devices. It can easily get configured with your router as well as the extender. Just download this app from the play store and enjoy its extra vast features.

By a successful Netgear genie setup you can easily monitor and even control the security of your home network. But there are few points that you should take care of and always follow.

  • Download the latest and up running firmware.
  • Keep all your devices up to date.
  • Always use latest technologies.
  • Do not overheat your devices (any). As soon as you found them throwing heat. Cool them down for a short while by unplugging all completely.

Now, coming back to Netgear genie setup, this you can do it easily via mywifiext. Just grab any of your wired device and login into it through an up running web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer). Once logged in successfully, you are now supposed to fill in the login details that would be default. The default details you can either get on the manual steps or from your Internet Service Provider. We would also like to suggest you, do not touch the wireless settings on your own, unless you are aware of it. In case you changed so, try to remember the username and password, else you will be forced to reboot your system and settings.

Hope you got all your required details? Now fill them into the required fields and move forward. Do not stop until it asks you to click finish to complete the setup. Before that just keep on following the positive responses. Once your Netgear WiFi extender setup is completed, restart your devices and you can now move the extender to its intended location. But do not exceed the limit of 20-25 feet from router.

Hope you are satisfied with our valuable views shared with you. Your feedback will be important for us. Do share your views and ask questions with us in the comment box given below. We are eagerly waiting to help you and solve each and every problem of yours instantly by giving futuristic solution.


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