iOS Apps
iOS Apps

No matter how big a fan of iOS you may be and how frequently you may use the best iOS apps, there is still something that you might miss. There is a plethora of apps available and, obviously, everyone can’t put their hands on every single app available on the app store. Here we have listed some of the best iOS apps that you might not have known yet but they still are worth installing on your iOS device.


It’s a free app and gives you access to some of the great funky filters of Snapchat. With the help of Clips app, the iPhone/iPad users can shoot some wonderful stills as well as videos which they can then edit with some wacky filters before presenting them to the public. The best thing about this app, however, is the Live Titles. Actually, they are subtitles are created by you simply by speaking. You might have to speak things twice, however, as the app may not pick you correctly in first attempt.


If you like to bring your creative self out, Lake is a great app for you. It’s a free coloring book application that lets you relax and wind down after long stressful days. Both adults and kids like the app very much. There are some great free illustrations and everyday you can unlock new illustrations and color them. You can use some great coloring tools like watercolor or acrylic brush, fill tool, or spray paint. Besides, there are custom palettes and gradient color wheel. Coloring books can be unlocked with the help of in-app purchases and all the content can be unlocked with subscriptions.


It’s an app that combines some of the most powerful tools available for photo editing with a few simple controls for offering a perfect photo editing experience on a mobile device. Featured in Apple Design Awards 2017, Enlight comes equipped with tone and color controls, filters as well as several other editing tools. It even completes your editing toolbox with masking features to offer a seamless blending effect. There are photo correction features as well with the help of which you can fix those under-exposed and overexposed photos. With photo mixing capabilities of this wonder app you can be able to overlay several images to have double exposure. Simple to use, versatile and brimming with lots of editing tools, it is worth spending $3.99 on Enlight.


Bear is a great alternative to many popular note-taking and writing apps available on the app store. If you want to take some quick notes, it’s the right thing that you should be looking for. The markup editor included in the Bear app offers support for twenty different languages. Inline photo and image support alongside hand sketching and Apple Pencil really make it easy to add scribbles, illustrations and doodles. There are also cross-note links available along with tag support to make searching easier. Though Bear is totally free but then there is a pro subscription that allows for note syncing, additional editing tools and exporting options for several different file types. And if, you are using iOS 9.2.1 then you just need to jailbreak it and here is the compelte method that how you can jailbreak your device “”.


If you travel a lot or have to use currency exchanges for business purposes, Elk is really a handy app for you as it allows for converting one currency to another. It works well both on Apple Watch and iPhone. Location data is used by Elk for suggesting which currencies should be displayed and, when it comes to iPhones, the app shows some useful conversion tables as well where taps and swipes can set or increase values to be displayed. Elk is equally adroit on Apple Watch as well but besides taps and swipes, digital crown also takes part in driving the interface there.

Elk comes with a free 2-week trial and the full version has to be bought for $3.99 only. Remember it’s worth spending that little amount.


Signal is yet another free app available on the app store that is worth giving an install. Though, WhatsApp is also going towards encrypted communications but it’s probably too late for that. If you are looking for something more robust then you can try Signal from Open Whisper System. It’s an all-in-one voice call and messaging solutions available for free even with end-to-end encryption. The app allows for voice calls, media, text messages, group messages, and attachments to the phone contacts. The best part is that for having all these, you don’t really have to get into the fuss of specific login credentials or PIN codes. The simplicity of the app and its regularly audited, solid, open-source encryption combine together to make it one of the favorite options available for those security-conscious iOS geeks.


It is another wonderful free app that you can download from the app store. Some consider it to be a pure genius while others may call it silly; it all depends on the kind of experience they have with RunPee. So, what this app is actually about? Well, it keeps a huge movies database with the help of which it can tell you the best slot during a movie to go to restroom. Every “PeeTime” gives you an exact idea of how far it is in that movie and gives you a good scene or reference line when you can run to pee. It even tells you that how long you have to heed that nature’s call before some exciting moments in the movie will come. RunPee also offers you the descriptions of everything that you might have missed during the time when you were absent.

So, these are some of the best iOS apps that you can think of installing on your iOS device if you haven’t yet installed them. They will really be the best addition you could make to your iPhone or iPad. Enjoy the experience and you will love it for sure.


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