Programming Languages
Programming Languages

Since programming happens to be a rapidly evolving industry, new trends are being introduced as well as adopted on a broad scale. In result of which, the new programming languages are replacing the old ones. For all the programmers in the industry, it’s imperative to keep up with the updates as it adds up to their skills and expertise.

A set of data has been collected from all over the world with regards to the use of different programming languages for the website development purpose. Keeping that in mind, the giants of this industry have come up with some expectations about the programming languages that are going to be popular in 2018. So let’s dive in:


Being amongst the most popular programming languages, JavaScript is known for its versatility and being cross-platform programming language allowing development on desktop, web and mobile applications.

With many flexible libraries, JavaScript goes on top with React.js, Angular.js and Vue.js. Vue, quite known for its performance, is one of the easiest to learn. Since it’s new, it takes time for this to reach such a high level of popularity as other libraries like React and Angular. But it’ll soon be amongst the popular ones.


When it comes to managing data in the relational database, every programmer says SQL. For the apparent reason, a programmer must have enough expertise in SQL to design a database that is mostly in the websites’ backend panel. As per the leading web development agency Dubai, you must have this as a prominent part of your skill to compete and grow in 2018 as a programmer.


For banking and financial industry, Java happens to be a popular programming language. Perhaps the speed and safety level it provides is what fascinates many programmers. Frankly, it’s going to be very much useful if you learn the Java Language now because there is a shortage of Java programmers in the industry and the demand is about to rise.

Some argue that this language is quite challenging to learn, but that’s the case with every new thing you go for. You should go for something that pays you back tremendously. Android development industry is boosting rapidly, and Android apps are developed in Java. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why this programming language has gone so popular these days.


Although PHP is still doing well, Python has also gained enough trust of the young developers. Offering tons of benefits with regards to coding and implementation, it’s just loved for being laconic and understandable.

If you are a beginner willing to start easy, just go for Python. Young Developers say, it has the convenient code structure, which makes it easy for us to develop a project and manage it. For enterprises and especially small business, it’s a great way to have something done at low cost.


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