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The world of art is dependent on two factors: the zeal to continuously create mesmerising pieces that express the duality, the deceitfulness, the euphoria, the melancholy, the stateliness, and the befuddlement of human mood; and the gratitude of artistry that evokes a sense, an emotion, and an electrifying jolt in our heart and mind. Without these elements, the art world is as empty as the space of our universe.

People have been the greatest inspiration of artworks from the time when artists started carving out enchanting images on the cave walls. The human mind is believed to have endless potential, that in the process of evolution, we are discovering slowly but steadily. Art is a catalyst or a booster that stimulates our creative flair, the one factor that opens us up to the new perspectives and fresh possibilities.


It is the sense of evolution only that has made the art world progress so much. From the time when only brick & mortar art galleries and few art conventions/exhibitions were the only sources to have exposure to great art to the present epoch where all you have to do is take out your smartphone out of your pocket and use your fingers to explore paintings and artefacts, we have truly come a long way.

The dawn of the online market and the ripple impact of globalization has truly transformed the phase and face of the art world altogether. The online art gallery is the new source of exquisite artworks now. People have started to rely more on the internet for their art requirements. Not just to seek desired paintings, but to collect information, to learn new techniques, to educate themselves about the dynamism of the market, and to connect with the like-minded minds.

Apart from online galleries, art blogs, virtual shops, websites, etc are available now. However, today, we are only going to talk about the online art galleries and how have they overshadowed the traditional practices of selling and buying artworks.

The tenacious climb of the online art gallery

The arrival of technology is a blessing in disguise for the art world. It doesn’t matter whatever criticism the onset of the online art world have experienced, it surely has done one thing; changed the game for good.

For an instance, artworks were not as easily available to the common people as they are now. People with influence, money, and power were the main audience of the art museums, exhibitions, and reputed art galleries. Especially in the American and European art world, common people became the subject and the audience of the artworks more than 700 years after the start of artistry there. It was only after modernism hit, people were made the main inspiration of the artworks.

The second advantage of online art is that no longer ‘the starving artist’ notion exists. Artists are becoming more & more self-independent. Not only they are creating sensational work but they also hold the competency and the self-independence to sell their work without any middlemen or a large entity that takes a large share of artists’ sale.

All this is possible because of the subtle and sudden rise in the number of online art galleries. These art galleries welcome the artists to showcase their talent on the websites and charge only a small share of the sale price.

One more driving factor of the upsurge of the online art gallery is the availability of more alternatives in terms of the number of artworks and with respect to the price bracket. If you would take a glance at the pieces available for sale around 30 years back, you would sweat out to find out the artwork for affordable prices. This was so because no such perception of moderate price paintings existed back then. With the boom of the internet, there is an impressive hike in the number of artists too. More artists mean many more paintings. Hence, the choice to choose from a widely spread-out range of paintings is another fantastic factor.

Also, with high-end technology, pieces like digital prints are available that offer great flexibility to the art lovers who always wished to own some of the prominent art pieces in the world like Mona Lisa for their home. Digital prints are the imitated copies (done by technology) of the paintings that are offered at extremely low prices as compared to the original ones. You can even buy digital prints at a low price of INR 1000 or INR 500.

This has made the life of common people quite easy when they think to purchase a painting for their home, office or to gift someone. The ferocious rise of online art galleries has really marked the beginning of something that is here to stay.


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