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As an Amazon seller, your product listing acts as a shopping window. It works in the same manner as the customer meets the new brands through shopping windows at the mall. Like the shopping window attracts the buyers, your product listing should be attractive enough that it lets the buyer click on it. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that when selling products on Amazon, you are not just providing a service, you are approaching a market and you have to conquer by selling the products that meet the needs of the consumers uniquely and pleasantly. To make your products the top-selling products proper Amazon product listing optimization is necessary. So, here in this post, I am going to discuss how to optimize Amazon listing and make it stand out.

  1. Make sure your listing provides enough information: Your product listing is the opportunity to give the prospective buyers the best possible first impression. But how to create such listing that is appealing to customers? So, the answer is to provide more info-rich and helpful content that quickly wins the customer’s confidence. Furthermore, you can also take the idea from the available products which sell well and reproduce the listing accordingly but don’t copy the same. Highlight the benefits of the product’s features. Keep in mind that doesn’t make hollow promises about your products as it will affect your seller reputation. Apart from this, the buyer can also submit an Amazon A-Z guarantee claim if they receive the product that doesn’t match the description, which in turn increases your seller defect rate.
  2. Run sponsored products ad: Amazon has a powerful ad network that lets you market your product to Amazon buyers. Amazon sponsored ad is based on a pay per click model that allows you to advertise your products along with the search results. Being an Amazon seller, you need to pay to the marketplace to sponsor your products and position them higher in the search results to gain greater influence over the millions of listings. You only need to pay when a buyer clicks on the ad, so the return is assured with Amazon promotion.
  3. Run a competitor analysis: To make your product listing stand out in Amazon search results, you need to run a competitor analysis to understand how your competitor’s listing is attracting shoppers. You need to track the following elements in your competitor’s listing:
  • To make your listing noticeable, analyze what your competitors are doing well? Is there any information into their customer feedback about what leads to the purchase and how they impact what they are searching for the product? Does it make sense to use keywords of those categories in your ad for endorsed products?
  • A high-quality product image also plays a most important role to stand out. When Amazon shoppers click through search results, they don’t just look at the price they even check out photos. Images can be a very convincing tool in promoting sales, so make sure the listing includes more pictures of better quality than competing products.
  • Notice how often your competitors update their products and other materials. Do they loop through seasonal images? Do they provide clear information about the pros of the products than you do? Monitor their price changing game plan, keep your listing’s price lower than your competitor’s listing not because the customers are searching for the best deals but it can also help you win the buy box. Amazon gives high priority to price when selecting the winner of the buy box.
  1. Product ratings: Buyers browse through thousands of items, and they’re not going to agree for things that appear to be poor quality. A good way to give a positive first impression of your Amazon listings to the shoppers is to ensure high star product reviews. These star ratings, along with price, are a major factor in whether shoppers will click on your listings or not. They cannot see the items personally, so this input from other consumers is especially important to shoppers trying to make a purchase.

Conclusion: Unlike Amazon’s structured sales features, a listing is a place where the brand can shine and consumers can see why they should care about your products. Amazon is a much competitive marketplace and you need to find creative ways to stand out your listings against other sellers. You can also outsource Amazon product listing optimization services to professional eCommerce service provider to make a huge difference.


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