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Nobody could have imagined the situation that we now find ourselves in! Right now, the world is facing its biggest crisis in-form of Covid-19. The preferred way to flatten the curve is to prevent people from coming in contact with others and spreading the disease. Social distancing is the need of the hour, and to enforce that most countries are choosing to go into states of lockdown. Everything is put to a halt to make sure that the virus doesn’t get out of our reach. Yet the number is increasing daily. It is the toughest time we have faced as a civilization.

India is now under the strictest lockdowns in the world. Only essential services, such as milk and food, are allowed to open. All modes of transport have been suspended. All businesses have been asked to operate online. People are working from home, and the need to stay connected has become more than ever. With mobile shops and service centers closed, the only way to get your mobile recharge is via online prepaid recharge

In this complete state of chaos and confusion, we want to help people find quick solutions to their mobile recharge related problems. In this post, we are sharing with you the best available online mobile recharge services that will make sure your recharge gets done on time, and you stay connected for times of emergency.

We need to stay together in these tough times. You can help your family and friends by taking care of their mobile and data recharge problems. You can download these apps from the Google Play Store and make sure everyone in your family and friend circle is connected.

Bajaj FinServ mobile app: Bajaj FinServ mobile app is powered by MobiKwik – one if India’s best digital online wallet. Bajaj FinServ has got you covered when it comes to mobile recharge and online bill payments. It doesn’t matter if the number is not yours – using this app, you can recharge any mobile from any operator in any state of India. It could be a prepaid plan, or a postpaid plan, whatever you need is available to you in quick and easy steps.

It is not all. The app provides you a personal loan that is verified quickly with minimal documents. You can get personal loans up to lakhs for any medical emergency you might face in these times.

Along with mobile recharges, you get the option to pay online bills for all essential services such as electricity, water, and gas. Using this app, you can find information about the nearest Covid-19 testing centers, open grocery shops, and medical stores. You can also send money to any of your friends or family who might be stuck and need your help. You can order from your local grocery stores and pay the bills online.

Digital payments greatly reduce the chances of the transmission of the Coronavirus that might be present on the surface of currency notes and coins.

Truly, this is one app that you must have during this period, as it has the right features that you might need anytime.

PayTM: PayTM is another option you can have. Paytm offers a wide variety of services. From online mobile recharges to DTH payments to bill payments, PayTM covers the essentials. Using PayTM, you can send money to any of your friends or family who might need it. Non-essential online orders from PayTM mall have been on hold due to the ongoing lockdown.

GooglePay: You can also use Google Pay as your app to quickly do online recharge. Google Pay primarily operates on UPI. So you must have UPI services enabled from your bank. Using Google Pay, you can easily pay for any of the essential items that you buy from Grocery stores, chemists, and milk shops. However much we can, we should opt for online transfers and payments as they offer a much safer way to avoid transmission. You can also make the payments from your home.


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These are truly some of the toughest times we have ever faced as humans on this earth. It is highly important to do all that we can to flatten the rising curve, fight this disease, and eradicate it with the least damage possible. Stay safe. Stay protected.



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