Mohammed Haris Nalapad is one of well known Indian congress politician party leaders in Bangalore, Karnataka. Mohammed Nalapad is considered a good businessman who has helped his father in diversifying the business interests of the Nalapad group into energy and InfoTech. He is a very true visionary and in 27th age, he becomes a Bangalore youth congress general secretary. He always gives a more motivational and inspiring speech to youth national congresspeople in Bangalore and fought for the issues that occur in Bangalore and its surrounding. At his younger age he dreams about to become prime minister of India, he went to do his higher studies in Dubai. After finishing college he directly involved in business and become a multi-millionaire, but soon he returns to India as his entire family members involved in Indian politics and wants to sever the nation in the best way.

Youth Icon of Bangalore

His political start with the words from his father “the man who lives for himself is not a good person”. Always be an inspiration to become a greater person and does some great thing for society. By doing the needs of the society will be a better functionality and it makes him as the youth icon in the city. In the early stage, he was known by his father NA Haris, and as MLA’s son, but he wants to create his name among the people of Bangalore and does various needs and helpful activates to the general and poverty people of Bangalore.

In 2017 Nalapad was elected as the youth congress general secretary of Bangalore and do various help and support to the people of Karnataka. Mostly he helps the slum people to come over their poverty line and generate more job opportunities for their development. One of his biggest achievements is helping the slum people when the people of Bangalore were attacked by the heavy rainfall and flooded to their slum areas. He gave a voice against drugs and helps many people and children to get back to school and college at their greater needs. He hosted conferences about people who need greater education and need to overcome their poverty facts. He gave life to many people like child education and women jobs. He also honored every young and women entrepreneur with more gifts with the different conditions to a major contribution to jobs for the metro lady driver jobs for them.

His passion is fully sports, cars, and clothes. He wants to dress up well enough also he is a major supporter of football. He was award as the best student of the year and state player in both football and basketball. One must have discipline in life and set your priorities right. He always wants your priority is keeping your family happy. Even if one wants to be a homemaker, or if one wants to be the richest person in the world, one has to set their priorities right. He was the most wanted important leader in Karnataka and he did a major scheme which is highly helpful to everyone.


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