pallet pooling service

Usually, it seems that pallets are just a worthless commodity with little to no importance in the main structure of a business. However, when calculated elaborately, especially considering, the volume, usage frequency, and space consumption, it can be understood that these unimportant looking pallets actually add up a good bit to your expenses, and their handling also demands some time and space.

To reduce this effort, time, and space, needed to hold-up these pallets, business owners can consider hiring services that offer pallet pooling.

Yes, this is a greatly hassle-free option to get rid of the entire pallet-handling process. Here’s a more in-depth look at this for better understanding:

What is Pallet Pooling?
Pallet pooling is an outsourcing process where, the businesses do not buy their own pallets and store them, but instead, hire another company that specifically deals in providing the required quantity and quality of pallets within a given time-frame.

The process greatly reduces the hassles for a business as they now do not have to worry about storing these pallets, maintaining them, and replacing damaged ones, constantly.

They can simply order the required number of pallets in advance before a shipment arrives; the pallets will be delivered right on time, and the shipment will be ready to be moved in an instant. Once the job is done, the pallets are then returned back to the service provider.

Here are some of the key benefits of hiring a pallet pooling service:

Time & Space Efficiency
Reliable service providers that deal in pallet pooling, usually follow a drop-and-collect; this means that the required number of pallets are dropped at the site on time, and after the job is done the service providers collect the pallets from the site. So, the transportation of the pallets is solely the service provider’s responsibility, and the hiring company doesn’t have any liability there.

Hiring a service provider also greatly saves storage space for a business. These pallets can take up a lot of storage space, and when a service provider is hired, the business has no liability for storing these pallets. Once the job is done, all the pallets are duly collected and are then stored at the storage facility of the service provider.

Quality & Maintenance
The quality of the pallets is constantly checked by pooling service providers. The pallets are examined before delivery, and all the damaged ones are replaced by new ones. This is a greatly important beneficial factor for the businesses that hire the service because maintaining the quality of the pallets directly reduces the chances of an accident at the site while transporting the shipment; therefore, saving them from a lot of damages.

Quantity Management
For any growing business, there can be moments when you have to handle an unexpected rise in the number of shipments. A double load can arrive, or a company may be just stocking up goods for a seasonal increase in sales. In all such unexpected moments, a business can run into a situation where the number of pallets owned, isn’t sufficient to handle the job. Getting new pallets on time in a rushed manner can have its own problems.

However, when a business hires a professional service provider to handle their pallet demand, there can be no such instance of shortage. Service providers store a large number of pallets, and they are liable to provide the required number of pallets once a booking is made.

Therefore, an unexpected rise in the business will not be slowed down just due to the lack of some pallets.

A business, which deals with other products, may not have the resources required to recycle their owned pallets, but with a service provider, this problem is solved.

Good service providers understand the need to respect nature while doing good business. As a result, they tend to use pallets made of recyclable materials, and almost all damaged pallets are recycled over and over again.

The Conclusion
It is very clear from the above list of benefits that hiring a reliable pallet pooling service is always an intelligent choice for a business.

Storage space, quality maintenance, quantity management, recycling: when compared to these hassles related to owning the pallets, a phone call to the nearby pallet pooling services seems to be the best choice one can make.


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