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The number of people taking international flights and travelling to remote destinations increases every year. Young and dynamic Indians are taking the concept of ‘India Shining’ to foreign shores.
While planning your dream vacation, you need to think ahead. Booking tickets and hotels, arranging for Visas and making local arrangements are on everybody’s minds. But the single most-important thing that you need to take care of is funding.
This is where a travel credit card comes in. These cards come with pre-approved credit limits which can be utilised as per your expenditure pattern. Travelling without such a credit card can, in fact, be foolish.

The importance of a travel credit card

Travelling abroad means you have to possess foreign currency. Every foreign currency has different exchange rates which largely influence your trip expenditure. All these are complex to evaluate, which is why a credit card is so essential.

There is no single best credit card for tourists. Some cards, like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, are close to being the ideal card. This special card has the benefits of 4 cards in 1. It offers you the option of withdrawing cash from ATMs at no extra cost and even allows you to avail an emergency loan.


Some other features that make such cards so useful are:

  1. Easy to avail: Apply for a credit card whenever you feel like you need extra financing options. These cards are easy to avail provided the fact that you have a healthy credit history. Documentation is easy and takes very little time.
  2. Loaded with features: Credit cards are accepted globally without question. When you roam around the world with a travel credit card, you can use the same card to settle multiple bills and across separate industries. This eliminates the risks of carrying too many cards and cash.
  3. Special benefits: Many such cards have special features like reward points and international airport lounge accesses. They also help you purchase things that you like from duty-free shops. Discounts and offers are available round the year.
  4. Stops you from overspending: Holidays are meant to be fun when no one minds spending a little more than usual. When travelling with a credit card, you tend to remember one thing. This restricts you from overspending. Ultimately, you are the one who benefits from such financial discipline.
  5. Opens up new horizons: If you are in the Eurozone, you can travel to more countries using the same card. This makes travelling easy and more manageable. It also makes for a better vacation.

Other things to keep in mind

Never use multiple credit cards simultaneously. It leads to overspending.

Whenever you are travelling internationally, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Do learn some essential words and phrases in the language of the host country. ‘Good morning’, ‘thank you’ and ‘how are you’ are some such phrases.

Make sure that you keep the local Indian embassy or consulate’s numbers handy. In case you have any problem while in a foreign land, these authorities can help you. You can also reach out to the Indian Foreign Ministry via Twitter.

Last but not the least, avail public transport abroad as much as possible. They tend to be cheaper and safer alternatives. So, before flying, make sure to have the best credit card for travel.


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